Your Comprehensive Guide to 90′s pop reunions

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My musical choices consist of country, Top 40 and 90′s pop nearly exclusively, so you can imagine that I’m thrilled by the recent spate of 90′s bands reuniting and/or continuing to perform. Get your Ticketmaster clicking fingers ready and dust off your CDs – it’s time.

They never really broke up, but did you ever think you’d get to MMMbop in public again? Your secret teenage dreams have been answered because Hanson will be performing at the CNE Bandshell during the 2014 Canadian National Exhibition. Free with the price of admission. I hope the boys throw the audience a bone and since some of their classics during the 2 hour set.… Read more

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Weekly Enabler Report

| Weekly Enabler Report

Pink Tartan Boucle A Line Skirt fall pieces

I’ve been a naughty blogger, but it’s been for good reason – promise. There hasn’t been an evening this week where I’ve been home – I’ve pretty much been on the go since last Friday! Over the weekend, I participated in a shoot for Fashion Weekly’s September issue cover – you can see a sneak peek of my “lifestyle blogger” segment below – with four fabulous blogger ladies and then went to stuff my face at Ribfest. It’s all about balance, friends. Two of this week’s picks are c/o preparing for that segment and I have a feeling you’ll love them as much as I do.… Read more


RSVP: Les Ateliers

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Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.01.46 AM

This weekend, join 150 women at The Spoke Club for the launch of Les Ateliers by The Broken Heel Diaries. A new concept by Daniella Etienne, founder of BHD, Les Ateliers is a series of workshops and special presentations for women that focus on personal and professional development, confidence building and beauty.

I’ll be attending as a media guest and can’t wait to hear from Kim Parlee, Vice President at TD Wealth Management and host of Moneytalk, talk about financial planning and investing for women! In addition to learning how to get our ducks in a row at the bank, we’ll also be enjoying a 3-course seated lunch, mini manicures from 10 Spot Beauty and see best looks from YSL Beauté.… Read more

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Countdown to TIFF 2014: 5 must-see films

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TIFF 2014 picks - the theory of everythng

With less than a month to go before the start of the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s time to start making your lists and checking them twice. Whether you’re more of a future-blockbuster type of moviegoer or a discerning cinephile, there’s something at the Festival for everyone.
TIFF 2014 at the Never Let Me Go Gala with Steve Venner, TIFF movie-picking expert extraordinaire

This will be my fourth year of being back in Toronto for the festivities and, coincidentally, my fourth year of leaning on my friend Steve Venner for his TIFF picks. I’ve never been disappointed, so this year I’m sharing his picks with you.… Read more

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3 Must-Try Toronto Wedding Services

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Toronto Wedding Ideas Services Vendors

Toronto seems have wedding fever these days. New start-ups and initiatives seem to be popping up constantly in the city’s wedding industry and, luckily for brides-to-be, they’re pretty cool. Four have caught my eye recently, three of which are brand spankin’ new and one that’s feel-good and has been around for awhile now. Take a peek and let me know which you’ll be using in the comments!
The Hailo Toronto Wedding Package

So: you’re having a wedding, you want people to have fun but you also want people to be safe. Oh, and you probably also need a ride home at the end of the night depending on your transportation package.… Read more


Only from Dior: wearable yellow + hot pink eyeshadow

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Diorshow Mono Eye shadow limited shades

The most cliche August thing to say: I have no idea where the summer has gone! But honestly, it feels like just yesterday we were gearing up for the May 2-4 weekend and here we are in the last month of the season. I, for one, plan to extend it as long as possible. This collection from Dior was one I received almost two months ago but it was neglected for far too long.

I’m seriously chastising myself for waiting so long to dig into it – the bright, poppy colours are just the thing for summer. In limited edition shades of a royal purple, punchy pink + golden yellow plus the permanent new kohl shade, these new additions are surprisingly easy to wear.… Read more

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Staying in love with The Dress

| The Dress, Weddings

Sarah Houston

It’s a long time between “yes” and “I Do”, and I’m not just talking about the seemingly never-ending stretch between popping the question and walking down the aisle. The time from when you find your perfect wedding dress to when you actually get to see it again can be months long – maybe even a year! For me, it’s going to be about 10 months – I’ll see my “Franken-dress” (top from one, bottom from another, plus a few extra tweaks) it in its entirety for the first time at the end of April/beginning of May 2015.
Trying on Sarah Houston’s latest collection: the exception to my rules
It’s been a month since I found the elements that would create my perfect wedding dress at Sarah Houston and I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t had second thoughts in that time.… Read more


The Last Single Girl Birthday

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There are three types of people in the world: those that love their birthdays, those who abhor their birthdays and those who pretend to be ambivalent about their birthdays but are secretly the former or latter. You shouldn’t trust those people. You should also know that I am unequivocally someone who loves her birthday. And all other holidays. Basically any occasion I can decorate, dress up and bake for, really. But I digress.

Saturday was my champagne birthday. That is, I turned 26 on July 26! It also happens to be – as my lovely fiance and many friends reminded me – my last single girl birthday.… Read more


The Bride Tribe

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Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.32.09 PM

As much as those around you attempt to feign interest in your table linen choices, latest bridal party drama or the thousandth dress you’ve tried on, I’m pretty sure they’re not really all that interested. There’s only so much information you can consume about a wedding that isn’t yours. That is, of course, unless you’re a bride-to-be yourself.

Right after Mike popped the question, I shared a list of the 5 people you meet when you get engaged. What I didn’t realize when I wrote that post was that I was missing a seriously important category: the bride tribe.
Your bride tribe is the group of ladies in your life who are getting married in the year or so around the time of your date.… Read more

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Weekly Enabler Report

| Weekly Enabler Report

Caitlin Wilson Textiles Gold Foil Pillows Indigo

Guys – it’s birthday week! I’m fairly obsessed with my special day, so apologies in advance for being obnoxious this week. It’s my champagne birthday this weekend (the 26th) and I’ve taken Friday off for a mani/pedi at Me & T Studio before dashing off to a friend’s cottage with a big group for double the birthday celebrations.
This week’s enabler report is full of pretty little things and I have a feeling you’re going to love them as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who entered last week’s Weekly Enabler Report giveaway! I’ve chosen the lucky winner – make sure to check if it’s you!… Read more


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