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| Weekly Enabler Report

Caitlin Wilson Textiles Gold Foil Pillows Indigo

Guys – it’s birthday week! I’m fairly obsessed with my special day, so apologies in advance for being obnoxious this week. It’s my champagne birthday this weekend (the 26th) and I’ve taken Friday off for a mani/pedi at Me & T Studio before dashing off to a friend’s cottage with a big group for double the birthday celebrations.
This week’s enabler report is full of pretty little things and I have a feeling you’re going to love them as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who entered last week’s Weekly Enabler Report giveaway! I’ve chosen the lucky winner – make sure to check if it’s you!… Read more

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Weekly Enabler Report + giveaway!

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Kate Spade 2015 Agendas Indigo

TGIF! It’s been a little while since I shared an enabler report with you, but that’s not for lack of product love or shopping. I’ve had a little too much of both recently but unfortunately too little time to share them! This week’s items are major favourites that I’ve been using obsessively. Yes, all of them. You know the things you love so much that you just want to enjoy them every single day? That. As a bonus, you’ll be able to win two of these items to enjoy at the end of the post!
Ash Large Hex + Kate Spade Mini Bouquet Collar Necklaces

We’ll just call this double enabling karma.… Read more


5 gift ideas for the newly-engaged

| Celebrations, Weddings

Unique engagement gifts - custom wedding cartoon art and ornament

So your friends are engaged. Now what? Amidst the flooding of Facebook congratulations, you’ll probably find yourself with a few friends you want to celebrate in a special way. If they haven’t registered yet (or don’t plan to), it can feel a bit overwhelming.
I’m lucky enough to have received some really great gifts when we got engaged in October and also absolutely love putting together little packages for friends, so I’ve created 5 engagement gift ideas. Whether you’re celebrating with your girlfriend or the couple, there’s something here for everyone! Bonus: some of these ideas would make the perfect wedding gift as well.… Read more


On Mondays we play with peonies

| Blogger Love, Events & Culture, Toronto Events

Pink the Town Peony Party Beau & Belle photobooth

I’ve discovered the best way to start the week. It involves fluffy blooms, the sweetest treats and some gabby girlfriends. A few weeks ago, I spent the evening at Pink The Town’s Peony Party – an evening that included all of those things and more! I spotted the event announcement on Instagram and immediately texted Stella to see if she’d be up for it. We have basically all of the same interests and pretty pink peonies rank fairly high on that list, so she was an immediate yes. Flash-forward a few weeks and we’re mildly soaked from a downpour en route and basking in the girly awesomeness that is Bicyclette on Queen W.… Read more

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Lillet, s’il vous plaît!

| Food & Bev

Lillet Blanc Basil Slush Martha Stewart Summer Recipe

Confession: I’m not a big drinker. Yes, I work in advertising. Yes, I’m a bit of an anomaly. I can pinpoint where things took a turn for the “I don’t think I can party anymore” – 21st birthday, an entire bottle of Veuve and a three-day hangover. We won’t mention the few times I’ve tried to hop back on the party animal horse (cough… my first agency holiday party). There’s been a huge bonus to being that 1-to-three-drinks-max girl at the party, though: I’ve started to actually appreciate a good cocktail, glass of wine or refreshing cider. And Caesars – never forget the mighty Caesar.… Read more

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Essie’s Endless Summer

| #ManicureMonday, Nails, Reviews

Essie Summer 2014 Collection - swatch whole collection

It’s finally time to bust out those freshly polished toes – it’s hot, it’s muggy, it feels like summer. I’ve been in a bit of a nail polish rut recently but it’s not entirely a bad thing – basically, I’ve been wearing Essie Summer 2014 collection exclusively. It’s rare that there’s a full collection that I can’t wait to wear, but this one is definitely it. A mix of bold hues and gorgeous neutrals, it’s hard not to want every single shade. I lack restraint, so after a few weeks of wearing only Urban Jungle I decided to wear them all at once.… Read more

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And the bride wore….

| The Dress, Weddings


There weren’t any tears, there wasn’t a magic appointment-ending phrase and there wasn’t celebratory champagne. In the most stress- and drama-free way, I chose my perfect wedding dress at Sarah Houston on Saturday afternoon. For real this time, guys. We put a deposit on it.

After the magical appointment at Kleinfeld that turned into a Carrie-from-Season-4-of-Sex-And-The-City-style panic attack in the dress, I actually felt pretty relieved rather than being discouraged. It took a few anxiety-ridden days and some deep chats with Mom, bridesmaids and Mike, but I knew I couldn’t go back to Kleinfeld for that dress, as beautiful as it was.… Read more

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5 Summer Beauty Innovations

| Beauty, Beauty & Style, Reviews

Stila Magnificent Metalic Foil Finish eye shadow gold

One of the best parts of being a beauty blogger is finding really cool things and telling you all about them. I’m not sure if it’s something in the collective beauty industry water, but this latest crop of beauty innovations really is top-notch. I feel like every time I open my inbox there’s a sexy new product or formula waiting for me. Not that I’m complaining. Here are five of my favourite new beauty launches just in time for summer.
Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

I must have been living under a rock, but it’s only been in the past two years that I’ve realized how utterly amazing Revlon products are.… Read more


World Cup Showdown: Facebook & Twitter battle for second-screen share

| Social Media

Facebook Ref video

During the World Cup, blood, sweat and tears won’t be relegated to the pitch – they’ll also be front & centre online. While the soccer teams battle it out in Brazil, Twitter and Facebook have launched their own battle royale on the web. Who will emerge victorious in the battle for second-screen share?
Facebook Ref
Facebook’s World Cup contributions come in the form of a colourful character called the Facebook Ref. Although he’s been officially tasked with keeping Facebook users in the loop during the tournament, it’s not immediately obvious what type of content the Ref will provide. The page at http://www.Facebook.com/FacebookRef has been populated with quirky soccer-focused videos and directs users to http://www.Facebook.com/WorldCup, an aggregate of the #WorldCup hashtag.… Read more

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Small but mighty (and oh so cute): Fujifilm Instax SHARE Review & DIY

| Technology

Fujifilm Instax Share Review

I recently visited my friend Dustin at work and, as he perused snaps of potential wedding dresses, he asked “Um…when was your appointment?”. When I told him it had been that past weekend, he looked up with increduility and said, “you’ve taken 2,000 photos since then”. Oops. A serial snapper, I’m known for having my phone attached to my hand at all times…and also have a bit of a reputation for never printing my pics.

Well, the jokes on all of you: I’ve printed dozens of photos in the past week. The best part? I haven’t had to leave my house, upload photos to my computer or buy special paper for my printer to do so.… Read more

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