#TravelTuesday: Honeymoon Planning!


If there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for wedding planning (aside from the actual wedding & marriage, of course) it’s the honeymoon. After well over a year of planning, our honeymoon is going to be the sweetest reward. We went back & forth on locations a few times, but we’ve finally chosen [...]

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Inspiration: The WedLuxe Wedding Show

The Social Rose WedLuxe 2015 inspiration table

#WeddingWednesday is back! It’s been a little while since my last wedding-related post and I’m so pumped to be back in the proverbial saddle with less than 5 months to go. I have a lot of exciting things planned for the next little while, including a wedding countdown series that’ll get me (and you!) in [...]

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Recaps & Resolutions: 2014/15


The recap & resolutions post is always one of my favourites of the year. I love taking a look back at the year past and seeing how much I’ve grown, how many things have changed and all the crazy things I’ve managed to get myself into. Check out 2011/12, 2012/13 & 2013/14 for more exciting [...]

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First Look: Lilly Pulitzer for Target!

Lily Pullitzer Target shift dress

There was a whole lot of squealing going on last night as Target revealed via Instagram and a swanky launch party at the Four Seasons Restaurant Pool Room in NYC that Lilly Pulitzer would be their next designer collaborator. Launching April 19 in Canada & the US (and Target.com for those lucky American shoppers), the [...]

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Best of 2014: Skincare

Best of 2014 - skincare

The piles of product received as a blogger can be pretty daunting. Sometimes it feels like there’s no way you’ll get through it all and, truth be told, there are often some lemons in the mix. Skincare is one of those categories that really puts the fear of God into you. You’ll know what I [...]

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5 Lessons from The Great Instagram Cull of 2014

Instagram purchased followers toronto bloggers

Friends, the other shoe has finally dropped. This morning, we woke to news that Instagram’s fake follower cull had swept the Toronto blogging scene (and beyond). The curtain, so to speak, has been lifted on whose follower counts had been greatly inflated by bots, purchased followers and other types of fakes. This doesn’t really come [...]

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