100th Grey Cup: Game day with Nissan Canada!

Toronto finally has a championship-winning team! Shocking, I know. This past Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the 100th Grey Cup here in Toronto with my boyfriend courtesy of Nissan Canada. The invite was a complete surprise and we were way too excited and appreciative to attend.

This was the package-delivered-at-work that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. My boss now unironically refers to me as a “swag machine”. He’s not wrong – Nissan Canada really hooked us up. Along with giving us awesome (19th row!) tickets to the game, we also got our choice of merchandise, a $100 prepaid Mastercard for food/drink/merch at the game and a safe ride home. Just a little spoiled.

Chloe was pretty into the zip-up hoodies Mike & I both decided on. I don’t really blame her – they were so cozy! On game day, we checked out the Grey Cup Street Festival before heading over to the Skydome (cough..Rogers Centre). Talk about swag machines – everyone was there and handing out free samples – including some of my clients! I finally took the Ultimate Taste Challenge (I chose Pepsi Max – thank goodness) and walked away with some delicious #BetterTogether goodies.

I’m being 100% unbiased when I say that these Sour Cream ‘n Bacon Ruffles chips are freaking delicious. They were also the freshest chips I’ve *ever* had. After experiencing the street festival, we headed over to Gate 11 where we got our faces painted in one of the Scotiabank tents. Pretty sweet paint, huh? The glitter on our faces made up for the fact that my facepaint artist was a little overzealous when scaling my Argos logo.

Mike picked up an Argos-branded rose for me as a surprise while I was getting my face painted – too cute! All the lady-bloggers were jealous of both the rose and my ridiculously awesome boyfriend…just saying. We witnessed something stereotypically “Canadian” as we were waiting to get our faces painted: the line at Gate 10 was a couple of hundred people long, while the Gate 11 line right next to it was practically non-existent. While you might have expected instant osmosis from the massive line to the extremely short one, in truly Canadian fashion it took two security guards to convince people to change lines (amidst many “I’m sorrys” and “excuse mes”, I’m sure).

While extreme Canadianness prevailed outside, the same can’t be said for the free-for-all happening at the merchandise counters inside! There was a shortage of Grey Cup items, the venue having sold most of them at Friday night’s Vanier Cup game, and it was absolute chaos.  After braving the merch lines to get a tee for my brother and some (child-sized) ball caps for ourselves, we made our way to our seats. I was not expecting them to be this good.

Along with the awesome vantage point, we also got to hang out with some of Toronto’s friendliest and most fun bloggers/social media personalities: Raymi the Minx, Sheldon Levine, Shannon Kelly, Justin Baisden, Dan Levy & Erin Bury! I’d never met Raymi or Justin before (#PolkarooList), so it was doubly awesome to get to hang out with them a bit at the game. We were also joined by the ladies from the Nissan Canada team, Shannon Hunter (Nissan’s CM) + Amanda.

A Shannon sandwich!

I’ve been to more than a few football games in my day (let’s just say I’ve had a propensity for dating football players…current boyfriend included), but this one definitely tops my list. While it’s always great to see the home team win, there were some great plays that had us on our feet and on the edges of our seat.

just before the first Argos touchdown!

…oh, and there was also that little thing about Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen. Yes, the halftime show performers attracted their share of boos from the football-focused audience, but I was more than a little excited to see the Biebs perform for the first time. I was pretty unabashed about it. See: my OMG BIEBER IS COMING face: 

Mike busied himself with a delicious ice cream treat while I fangirl-ed my face off. Hordes of teenage girls flooded the field for Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen while I had a mini dance party with Raymi + Sheldon. Call Me Maybe is Sheldon’s jam, in case you didn’t know.

hanging with Sheldon (and Sheldon's dad!) during the halftime show

Along with the football game + halftime show, we were also privy to another form of in-seat entertainment. I’ll just leave this one here…let’s just say this guy started about 3 or 4 rows behind us but made more than a few visits.

Did I mention that the Argos won? Because they did and it was awesome.

Mike and I had the best time at The 100th Grey Cup with Nissan Canada and I can’t thank their team enough for even thinking to invite us to this. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience made that much better by the team at Nissan Canada – thank you, thank you, thank you!

A few more photos…just because:

"Miss Calgary" is an Argos fan

Candid captured by Shannon Hunter…this is Mike being a good sport about all the photos. #BloggerProblems?

In case you’re wondering, this is how you make your boyfriend really really really happy.