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There weren’t any tears, there wasn’t a magic appointment-ending phrase and there wasn’t celebratory champagne. In the most stress- and drama-free way, I chose my perfect wedding dress at Sarah Houston on Saturday afternoon. For real this time, guys. We put a deposit on it.

Sarah Houston Toronto review

After the magical appointment at Kleinfeld that turned into a Carrie-from-Season-4-of-Sex-And-The-City-style panic attack in the dress, I actually felt pretty relieved rather than being discouraged. It took a few anxiety-ridden days and some deep chats with Mom, bridesmaids and Mike, but I knew I couldn’t go back to Kleinfeld for that dress, as beautiful as it was. Once I made that decision, the relief really set in. I knew there was a better, perfect dress waiting for me and I knew it couldn’t be completely off-the-rack. I also knew it would be from Sarah Houston. Spoiler: it’s in the image below! 

Luxe Shopping Experiences Toronto Review - Sarah Houston runway bridal upstairs.salon1OK – not a real spoiler. The photos above show pretty much all of the dresses at Sarah Houston. You didn’t think I’d spill the beans that easily, did you?!

The decision to go back to Sarah Houston was easy. The Yorkville atelier was the place I felt most like a bride and was definitely the best customer service I received throughout my dress hunt. Sarah and her daughter Courtney are the loveliest, warmest people ever and I have complete trust in them. I knew they’d be able to execute whatever I wanted and loved how easily my style meshed with Sarah’s – we both have a thing for girly, romantic details.

Deciding which dress I ultimately had to have ended up being easy as well. I have so many photos of me in dresses on my iPhone that Mike’s no longer allowed to flick idly through my pics as he loves to do. To ease my mind, I’ve deleted all but a couple of favourites from my phone. I had been revisiting them often to remind myself what I was looking for and there was one dress in particular from my initial Sarah Houston visit with Luxe Shopping Experiences that I kept coming back to.

I spent the majority of my initial Sarah Houston appointment staring at myself in the mirror while wearing this dress. I loved the shape, I loved how bridal I looked and I loved how light & airy it was. While I was wowed by the dress, it just didn’t have the “shablam” factor I was looking for. Well, let’s just say we found a way to jack it up and it doesn’t involve a veil. Or crazy amounts of rhinestones. Or a 40-lb skirt with a hoop. I’ll admit I did get sidetracked momentarily by that stunner of a dress at the beginning of the post, though. What a dress.

Luxe Shopping Experiences Toronto Review - Courtney and Sarah HoustonAt my first appointment with Courtney (left) and Sarah Houston.

Sarah Houston helped me create a custom dress from elements I loved in a couple of dresses. Those who have seen it say it fits my personality perfectly – what I’ve been going for this whole time. It’s the perfect mix of simple & intricate, romance & fashion, and it’s incredibly flattering to boot.

Courtney has been my biggest ally during the dress-hunting process and could tell from the first day that this was the dress I would eventually go with. She was able to read me from the get-go, to the end that eventually we communicated through sighs and grunts. Yes, really. This dress got an “ooooh”. She also gamely hopped into the dress when I needed to see how it looked on someone else. Girl’s a trouper.

Have I mentioned the words “are you saying yes to the dress” aren’t allowed in the salon? Because they aren’t. I didn’t say yes – I said of course. Coincidentally the same thing I said when Mike asked me to marry him!

I won’t see my dress until about 3 weeks before the wedding and the only photos I have of it are a bit piecemeal – I’m wearing one dress, holding up another that kind of resembles what the final product will look like. I know it’s the one, though, and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in it. A fairytale ending for all!

4fe88c7847926d7096437ea1c8604421Gorgeous details at Sarah Houston via her Pinterest account

I’m so thrilled to finally be able to say I’ve found my dress! While I’m bit sad to be done with the super-fun activity of trying on stunning, frothy dresses I’m excited to move on to finding the perfect shoes (I’m thinking simple gold, blue or blush heels), picking out bridesmaid dresses + accessories and planning my outfits for the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner!

For anyone looking for a wedding dress, I can’t recommend Sarah Houston enough. Pop in for a visit – you won’t be disappointed.

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LOVE this post. I found "the dress" at Kleinfeld and have since made the decision not to proceed with purchase. I'm pretty sad and a little relieved. But now I know MY dress is somewhere in the city. Thanks for the great post. :)