3 things to do right now

It’s time to do the almost-weekend dance! Nothing gets me giddier than the promise of a weekend, even if I’m continuing my trend of being extremely busy all weekend. With two big birthdays to celebrate – the bf’s 25th and Nonno’s 80th – plus a pitch to prep for on Monday, there’s no question that I’ll be relying on my dear friend Mr. Starbucks to get me through. In the words of Britney….

Anyways, enough about me. Here are three things you should do right this second.

1. Check out SS Print Shop

My little obsession with SS Print Shop began when I saw a print of peonies with gold foil overlay text that read “Stop and smell the peonies” making its way around Instagram and Twitter. I eventually found my way to Stephanie Sterjovski’s blog (we’re kindred spirits and future best friends, she just doesn’t know it yet) and her year-old business venture, SS Print Shop when about 500 of my internet buddies tagged me in her Instagram photo of her Fall 2013 Leopard is a Neutral print (OK, not 500…but minimum 5).


Full of adorable prints designed by Stephanie, it’s not unnatural to covet every single item she carries. Ranging from $15 – $35 and available online at SS Print Shop and Chapters Indigo, Stephanie’s prints are affordable luxuries that will brighten your day. I can’t wait for my purchases to arrive!


P.S. I picked up an extra Leopard is a Neutral print, naturally. I just may be sharing it with one of you once it arrives…stay tuned. (Photos via SS Print Shop)

2. Watch “Noah”

This 17-minute short film will change the way you look at the internet. Noah follows a teenager’s life as played out completely on his computer screen. It has everything you were expecting – Facebook, Porn, Skype, angst – but also has so much more. If you remember the days of changing your MSN status to something angst-ridden and laden with meaning, signing in and out to attract the object of your affection’s attention or if you’ve felt the sting of being blocked by a conquest online, you need to watch this. The short film is a study of behaviour and romance in the digital age that hits almost a little too close to home. It’s a little NSFW thanks to a scene from Chatroulette (you know what to expect…) but well worth the 17 minutes.

3. Print your Instagram photos at Black’s

For our anniversary this year, I printed out all of my Instagram photos of us for my boyfriend. This was a big deal – I’m constantly taking photos but they tend to live on my social networks and are trotted out in my Photostream for friends. If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t printed out a photo in quite some time either. We’ve been missing out.

Printed Instagram photos are awesome. Black’s recently launched a pain-free solution to printing your Instagram photos and I’m all over it now. All you have to do is connect your Instagram on the Black’s site and send your square photos to print. I picked mine up at my local Black’s the next day, but you could also have them shipped to you. They come out crisp, bright and your choice of matte or glossy, border or not. You can do innovative things like put them in non-digital frames and pin them up in your cube at work. Simpler times, friends, all thanks to the little photo-processor that could.

Black’s Instagram prints start at $0.35/each and can be printed in 4×4 to 10×10 sizing. If you’re a plan-ahead kind of person, you could even print them directly into a “Little Black Book” or create collage prints, templated prints, stickers, magnets and more. 

What are your three must-dos this week?