5 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

As the clock ticks down to midnight, I have resolutions on the brain. This year, I’m determined resolve to do things that are actually doable – starting with beauty resolutions. Here are my top 5 must-dos for 2014 as they pertain to beauty & wellness.

New Years Beauty Resolution - Hydrate

In 2014, I resolve to drink more water. Water is the key to health and beautiful skin. We all know that to get great skin you need to hydrate from the inside out, but so few of us actually manage to hit our daily water goals. One way to make sure you down enough of the good stuff each day? Get a cute water bottle. I’ve been coveting this bkr bottle for oh so long so you can imagine how thrilled I was when the team at Benefit Canada gifted it to me for Christmas. It was meant to be! Now…get your drink on.

New Years Beauty Resolutions - Commit

I’ve been blessed with good genetics when it comes to my skin, which is great but also means I have trouble committing to a skincare routine. My skin never seemed to need it, although I’ve noticed it’s really starting to. In 2014, I resolve to commit to gorgeous skin. I’ve raved about my Clarisonic for so long (it really is that good) but in the later half of 2013 I didn’t use it as much as I should have. I plan to not only get my few-times-a-week sonic cleansing on but also find skincare products I can use every day beyond my cleansing water and moisturizer routine. The one thing I already do religiously? Use my favourite masks to purge my skin of impurities – The Body Shop’s Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask – and pack on the moisture – SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque. Any suggestions for a great skincare routine?

New Years Beauty Resolutions - De Fuzz

Speaking of commitment, you may not know this but I’m extremely low-maintenance (shocking, I know). As much as I love my pretty things, I’m really terrible at any kind of upkeep when it comes to beauty. That’s why I have really subtle highlights I can grow out with grace, long hair and natural nails…and why I’m really excited to continue de-fuzzing permanently with my Tria. The last thing I want to worry about on a daily basis is hair that is sprouting in places I’d rather it not. I had laser hair removal in high school but am at the point where I require touch-ups. I’ve been using the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x for a few months now and it’s doing exactly what I hoped it would – quickly and cost-effectively zap the hair I want gone on my upper lip, bikini line, legs and underarms. Magic!

New Years Beauty Resolutions - Sweat

With June 6, 2015 getting closer and closer each day, I’m more motivated than ever to get in shape and sweat it out. In 2014, I resolve to get moving and monitor my stats. I made the decision to purchase both a fitbit one and fitbit aria scale to gamify my weight loss and movement goals – yes, I’m a big nerd and tracking numbers motivates me. Go figure 😉 You might be wondering why this is a “beauty” resolution since weight ≠ beauty. You’d be right! It’s here because sweating it out is as good for your body as it is for your skin, mental health and glow – all which contribute to my idea of real beauty.

New Years Beauty Resolution - Relax

This is the big one. In 2013, I saw the bags under my eyes increase in size and my stress levels go through the roof at times during the year. This is not fun for anyone. In 2014, I resolve to relax. My day job is really an “all the time” job, and the always-on nature of it can really take its toll – especially when combined with a blog, fiancé and various other extra-curriculars that require my time and energy. The first to-do on this list is more beauty sleep, followed by taking some time time to just relax and enjoying the little things. I’m not above faking it, though, which is why I’ve picked up these little miracle workers – Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Masks – for emergencies. I went on a hunt for something that would make my eyes look less painful after a little too much quality time with our kitten, Gatsby (I’m allergic) and these brought my under-eye swelling right down. I imagine I’ll be stockpiling them.

Happy 2014! What are your beauty resolutions?

[disclaim]Disclosure: I was provided with the Tria laser for editorial consideration and review. You’re reading about it because I love it and think you will, too.[/disclaim]