99 Problems but a Bitch Ain’t One

It’s no surprise that I love my dog, Chloe. I got her on Queen’s Homecoming Weekend in 2008 after spending 21 years convincing my parents that we needed a dog and months scouring the web for the perfect breed. I’d settled on either a snow-white Maltese or a Yorkie, but hadn’t found the perfect place to purchase/adopt. That weekend, we popped into Pet Paradise in Kingston to play with the bunny rabbits (a favourite housemate pastime) and saw Chloe.

The last thing I wanted to do was purchase a pet store puppy, but something about the little Maltese-Yorkie pup spoke to me. I spent three hours in the store on the phone with my parents convincing them that this was the one I wanted. Eventually they caved, and Chloe came home with us. It wasn’t long before she was a part of the family.

In the past 4 years, Chloe has always been there with a lick and her patented creepy smile to make every day better. She’s even managed to turn my formerly anti-dog parents into dog-loving lunatics. It’s uncommon to find Chloe alone in our home. If she’s not snuggled up next to one of my parents on the couch, scratching at my door in the morning or staring at you not-so-patiently in hopes of scraps or demanding you toss her ball, she’s waiting at the front door for one of us to get home.

Even so, she’s managed to get herself in situations that require an emergency vet visit. We’re lucky to be able to afford this kind of emergency care (and to have a VEC nearby), but others are  not as fortunate. This is where Paws for the Cause comes in.

Paws for the Cause is a Toronto-based organization of dog lovers helping dogs. Each year, the organization raises money for a different animal welfare organization and to support an annual Paws for the Cause scholarship  – The Chloe Award – given to a veterinary student at the University of Guelph. I was lucky enough to volunteer as a PR student for the inaugural gala and have followed the organization’s success ever since.

This year’s gala will take place at 99 Sudbury on October 11 at 8pm. Hosted by Maddie from Maddie on Things, this year’s gala will work with CTVRC – a state-of-the-art, boutique medicine and surgery referral hospital – to subsidize a portion of surgery costs for owners who cannot afford life-saving surgeries for their pets. It will feature an art exhibit with Theron Humphrey + Maddie On Things.

Tickets are $99 (plus applicable service fees) and can be purchased here. I’ll be attending with fellow Toronto dog-lover and mom to to Oscar the devilish Boston Terrier, Val Stachurski.

PS. Chloe demands that you attend. Can you really say no to that face? See you there!

Disclosure: I’ve been provided with one ticket to this event as a thank-you from the PR company for my support of Paws for the Cause. This is a cause I’m passionate about as a dog-mom and I think you would be too!