A #chobanipowered night at Barreworks

My dreams of being a ballerina were squashed early on. As much as I love tutus, The Nutcracker and an excuse to get new shoes, I’m not exactly the most graceful person. However, when Barreworks opened in Toronto I was immediately intrigued. Barres, plies and ridiculous amounts of calorie burning? Count me in.

I recently completed 8 weeks of Booty Camp Fitness, so I was feeling pretty good about my ability to keep up with the fitness bloggers when Chobani invited me to try a bootcamp-style class at Barreworks (note: this was very cocky). I met up with Lindsey from Happy or Hungry after work and we began our trek to the Queen W. studio. Word to the wise: when going somewhere new, do not make the journey with someone equally as directionally challenged without bringing a directionally-wise Sherpa-type. Yes, we used our iPhones. Yes, we got there 25 minutes after we’d planned to be. Yes, we had an unexpected (and sweaty, thanks to my lululemon Scuba hoodie) 45-minute warm-up.

Although we didn’t participate in a Barreworks-led class, our Chobani fitness instructor put us through the paces…and then some. We lunged, squatted and crunched away for a full hour, using small weighted balls, the barre, resistance bands and lightweight balls along the way. The result? Complete and utter burnout. I’m still having trouble with stairs a full three days later, even though I’ve been sticking to my bootcamp DVD regime since the outdoor camp officially ended. Point to you, Chobani + Barreworks!

Sweaty bloggers a-go-go!

Chobani knows how to treat a blogger right, though, and we were rewarded with the perfect recovery treat: Chobani Greek yogurt! We ate the yogurt in smoothies, appetizers and those delicious parfaits we loved so much at our last Toronto blogger event. With the perfect ratio of carbs to protein, Chobani makes the perfect post-workout snack.

Yes, that’s the LINE Knitwear sweater from the latest Lust List. What can I say, it’s cozy (and so ballerina-esque)!

In true Chobani-loving blogger fashion, we overstayed our welcome until they were practically throwing us out (just kidding: they would never do that!). What can I say, there’s something so welcoming about our Chobani Toronto blogger meet ups that we can’t help but stay chatting as long as humanly possible.

Shutting down the barre with Megan @ Life After Bagels, Gillian @ Battle of the Bites + Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry.

As always, we left with some wonderful Chobani swag – the kind my family always tries to divvy up amongst themselves when I get home. Chloe’s particularly partial to the yogurt portion of our goody bags…especially in parfait form.

Speaking of parfaits, I brought mine to work for breakfast the next morning and was so proud of my little portable mason jar of delicious that I’ve been planning to do it much more frequently. If I’m not all pumpkin-ed out after Thanksgiving, I’m thinking a little pumpkin spice parfait is just the right way to start my morning.

The breakfast your breakfast wishes it could be: Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt, granola, strawberries + blueberries, more Chobani, dulce de leche drizzle + Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my guilty pleasure) as a garnish. YUM!

Since we TTC’d our hearts out on the way there PLUS had the most ridiculous and directionally challenged walk ever, I decided to introduce Lindsey to Hailo, my favourite new app on the way home. She watched in awe as I effortlessly hailed a cab using the app and then we had quite the time actually figuring out which driver was ours. We were a little overeager and cabs were a little too plentiful – we got into three cabs before finally finding our true chariot (yes, we could have looked at the cab #. We were too excited). Our experience with Hailo was wonderful, as always, and I’m pretty sure I blew Lindsey’s mind.

Thanks to the teams at Chobani in NYC and High Road Communications in Toronto for yet another fabulous night! I can’t wait for the next one. As for Barreworks…I’ll be back. The facility was beautiful and my first experience with a Barreworks-style class has left my body begging for more. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment.