A Glymm-er of beauty

I’m a sucker for tiny, pretty things. That’s probably explains a) why I have a tiny puppy b) my insatiable appetite for beauty samples. There’s something about miniature beauty treats that makes me fall in love (maybe it’s the promise of falling in love & adding more full-sized goodies to my collection!).

Yesterday, my long-awaited Glymm Box arrived. They even managed to get a hint of pink to adorn the protective packaging!

Inside was the cutest, shiniest pink box I’ve ever seen.

Under layers of ribbon and tissue paper lay perfect high-end samples, each perfect for summer.

  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 60
  • MyFaceWorks I Need To Replenish Facemask
  • Stila Raspberry Lipglaze
  • OPI Nail Polish in A Vant To Be A-Lone Star
  • Gucci Flora Fragrance
  • CANDY! Pink & white Jelly Bellies in an adorable little jar
Overall, the contents of the box were awesome.
Stila Lipglaze is a constant in my makeup bag & OPI nailcolour is a documented favourite of mine (see my review of the shade here) and my mom swears by the La Roche-Posay sunscreen in super-high SPF. The Gucci scent is sophisticated yet not overpowering, making it unlikely to offend and likely to be adored. I’m really excited to try out the face mask, especially because it promises instantaneous skin-quenching results.


Want a Glymm Box of your own? Use my referral link to sign up at Glymm.com. The box can be yours for only $10/month and you can earn points for your order and for friends who sign up. Each month you’ll get 4-5 luxury beauty samples. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it. You can even create a “beauty profile” on their website so they can attempt to tailor each month’s samples to your needs & wants. Perfect!

Wondering how it compares with Luxe Box? Check out my review here.

Full disclosure: while I paid for my Glymm Box, it was at a discounted introductory rate of $5. This review is completely unbiased.


PS. Since I already have the OPI polish in the box, keep your eyes peeled for a contest to win your very own package of tiny but awesome samples.