A little bit of awesome for your Friday

TGIF! Along with this week’s Lust List, I wanted to kick off November with some awesome things I’ve spotted on the Internet in the past little while.

John St.’s Buyral. I’m a huge John St. fan (I had a Pink Pony themed 24th this summer!) and this video does not disappoint. How many of us have heard “make it go viral” as a client-suggested objective? I’m willing to bet most. We’re lucky that John St. has finally solved the age-old problem of increasing clicks and making viral videos easy as pie.

This hard-hitting video from War Child Canada gives me chills. I don’t think much more needs to be said. Just watch it.

Along the lines of hard-hitting, The Real Bears spot will definitely make you think. The best part? It was created by a former Coke advertising exec.

On a lighter note, Halloween was way too fun this year. I’m proud to announce that I was one of three winners in the BBDO | Proximity Halloween costume competition and also came in second place for 2 Bloor W.’s competition. Even better? I’m featured on StyleBlog today! Let’s make it a hat trick.

Finally, today marks what I like to call “Starbucks Christmas”! You know what I’m talking about: that magical day when the red cups and holiday beverage emerge in-store. Back when I was at Queen’s, this day marked a special moment and was often a happy surprise during exams. Strangely enough, it seems to be arriving earlier and earlier each year…but I digress. This year, Starbucks has launched the #RedCupsChallenge on Instagram. From Nov. 2 to 12, Red Cup aficionados can complete daily Instagram photo challenges (based on popular monthly challenges run by users on the platform) with 10 winners of $10 giftcards daily. At the end of the challenge, some will win a $250 eGiftcard grand prize. I’m in!

My first Peppermint Mocha of the season! Yum. Red cup day is a great excuse to have whipped cream and chocolate before 9 AM.

What’s the best thing you’ve come across this week?