a not so fond farewell

Today, my BlackBerry and I broke up.

It was a long time coming, but I had a hard time giving up a device I’d been tethered to for nearly 5 years. Our breakup was met with shock and awe, along with wild disbelief at my courage at ending such a long-term relationship.

My iPhone 4s and I are really happy together so far, but let’s bid that BlackBerry a fond farewell by taking a look back at some better times.

Queen's Model Parliament


Dad's 50th




Spy in July


Maritz Mini-Golf Challenge

Goodbye, old friend/foe. Hello, iPhone!

  • Anonymous

    good now we can imessage! 

  • Omg about time. Welcome to a world where phones work. It’s a beautiful thing.


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  • It’s okies lovely – it’s totally worth it. I had to do the exact same farewell but to be honest it was more sweet than bitter as I no longer endure hourglasses spinning on end or battery pulls that seem to never end.

    And from all endings spring new beginnings – hope you and your 4S will be very happy together. 🙂