a POP of flavour

Lots of awesome things have a bit of POP

POPping bubble wrap
Ring POPs
POPping the question
…and popchips!

I first heard about these new “popped” chips a few months ago, when a friend discovered them in Florida. She assured me that they were both tasty and Bob & Jillian-approved, so when I saw a bag at my local Longo’s I picked some up. I’m pretty sure I ate an entire full-size bag that night (although I felt less guilty than I usually would, since they’re less than half the fat than regular chips).

Earlier this month, Klout and popchips offered Toronto influencers a chance to receive a popchips giftpack. Since I’d only tried two flavours, I jumped at the chance to try the rest. The package that arrived was amazing. [Want your own giftpack? Details at the end of the post!]

I was surprised at both the size of the box and the fact that my box contained a personalized, handwritten note. As a PR girl who’s put together her fair share of giftbags, I appreciate the amount of effort that went into these.

Inside the box was a selection of six popchips flavours in 100-calorie bags – perfect for snacking!

In my pack, I received

Salt & Vinegar
Original (plain)
Barbeque (a favourite of Ms. Lisa Leveille, ELLE PR girl)
Salt & Pepper
&..my personal favourite… Sour Cream & Onion


I wasn’t surprised to find there’d already been a casualty when I arrived at home.

Half-eaten bag of popchips, courtesy of Mom & bro

These tasty chips have been a hit with everyone I’ve let sample them, and now it’s your turn!

To win your very own popchips giftpack, leave a comment below or tweet “Send me some popchips, @stephaniefusco! http://bit.ly/iAUtQd”.

I’ll pick a winner at random on Monday, so make sure to enter before then! I have two giftpacks to give away and I’d love for you to get one of them! [note: if you win, you’ll need to give me your full address, email & phone number. Don’t worry – I’ll keep the information private]