Apothic Red launches at the Thompson Hotel

On Thursday night, fellow PR girl Stella Lee and I headed to the Thompson Hotel for the launch of Apothic Red, a new wine from California. What awaited us was a beautiful lounge bathed in a red glow, the gorgeous ladies & gents of Toronto and tastes that tingled on our tastebuds.

Now, if there’s one thing PR girls love (aside from Twitter and sky-high heels), it’s a good, smooth beverage. As we soon learned at the ‘sniff test’ table, Apothic Red reveals the aromas and flavours of rhubarb, black cherry, mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla. The wine was smooth and extremely palatable and didn’t have the sharp taste that some reds tend to have. It had a velvety feel and was the perfect complement to the tasty nibbles and cheese bar at the event.

Since I’m sure you’re wondering what a ‘sniff test’ table is, behold:

Once we’d picked up a glass of Apothic Red, Stella and I headed over to a table where a row of the monogrammed stemless wine glasses were filled with various raw ingredients. We were instructed to take in the aroma of the wine and try to find each note through smell and taste. It was really cool to find each of the notes.

Stella and I were lucky enough to spend the evening with Jen of Blonde Bronzed Twenty-Something and Shannon Hunter (and their wonderful friends!) and to finally meet Robyn Baldwin. We also said hello to Dan of Levy News Network and Ginny.

I couldn’t resist getting a photo with Robyn.

If you’re looking for the perfect bottle of wine to bring to dinner at a friend’s without breaking the bank, definitely try Apothic Red. I loved it so much the boyfriend picked some up for our Halloween festivities this weekend. You can find it at the LCBO in Ontario for around $15.

 [What I wore: H&M blazer, Mendocino lace blouse, Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, Manolo Blahnik pumps]