Are your friends faking it on social media?

Ever wondered if someone with thousands of Twitter followers was faking it? Thanks to a new app from Status People, you can find out who’s buying their followers (or is just besieged by bots).

Fake Follower Check digs through your followers to determine who is fake, inactive, or just plain good. Essentially, it cuts through the BS afforded by inflated follower counts.

You can see my analysis above. There’s no real way to “improve” your score (save for blocking the offending followers), but the app offers great insight into who you’re attracting on Twitter.

In case you’re wondering – yes, I searched a few of the Toronto social media people. Yes, there are some interesting results. I won’t play devil’s advocate (I’ll leave that to Mr. Bussey, xo), but it sure is entertaining to see if your guesses are correct.

UPDATE: Where do we go from here? Time to be better, PR pros.