Bacon-y goodness + raw fare at this year’s CNE

Each year, we await with bated breath and clenching arteries the list of treats that will grace the CNE’s food pavilion. This year’s list did not disappoint, with promises of bacon, pulled pork and even raw vegan fare. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I didn’t try anything ridiculous when I was at the CNE last year. In fact, I had my first-ever deep fried MARS bar!

You can find the whole list of goodies here, but here’s what I’m looking most forward to (with descriptions in italics from the CNE website):

  • Far East Taco – With promises of bulgogi tacos and kimchi fries, I can’t wait to sample these goodies.
    • TACOS:  Filling Choices – Kalbi, Bulgogi, Spicy pork & Kimchi, Fish, sizzling Teriyaki chicken, Fried Tofu, Kimchi fries, Mandoo with dipping sauce, SAUCES:  Taco Sauce, Hot Chilli Sauce
  • PULL’D – Since having it for the first time at Memphis BBQ in Vaughan last year (seriously!), I’ve become more than a little obsessed with pulled pork. Now – imagine it in a parfait, on a pretzel bun, on a pancake….mmm
    • Pull’d meat on a pancake (beef, chicken,pork), pull’d meat on a pretzel bun with perogie, pull’d parfait, pull’d nachos, traditional pull’d on a soft bun, pull’d taco, hash brown pull’d with pork, Chicken Tenders  and fries
  • Bacon Nation – Who doesn’t love bacon? It looks like they’ll be serving up bacon just about every way I’ve wanted to try it, so don’t be surprised to see gratuitous amounts of bacon photos on my Instagram feed.
    • Sandwiches (Bacon with nutella, BLT, Jack Daniels bacon sandwhich), Deep fried bacon covered hotdogs, Salads, Bacone, Bacon Pafait, Bacon Sundae, Bacon Popcorn and Meat candy (Chocolate covered bacon or candied bacon)
  • Dutch Frites – In my 4th year of university, we had a Dutch roommate for a semester. She brought us StroopWafels and I’ve craved them ever since. They’re a waffle-y biscuit-y cookie sandwich with caramel. Try one. I promise you won’t regret it.
    • Krokets (a fried roll with mashed potatoes and/or ground meat like veal, beef or chicken, rice filling and noodle filling, coated in breadcrombs and deep fried), Frikandel (Dutch sausage, made with pork, beef and chicken, served without a casing), Kipcorn (Dutch style deep fried chicken finger), StroopWafel (Waffle biscuit sandwiched with a light carmel syrup known as Stroop)
Also back this year are favourites like deep fried mac & cheese and that Krispy Kreme burger everyone freaked out over last year.
As a bonus, you can also find Ontario Food Truck favourites like Buster’s Seacove and Hogtown Smoke August 24, 25 & 26. After falling in love with Buster’s Seacove’s fish tacos at NXNE, I can only assume my boyfriend will fight tooth and nail to hit them up first.
The Canadian National Exhibition runs from August 17 – September 3, 2012.
What are you most excited for?