A Beauty and the Beast Exhibit is Coming to Casa Loma!

If you can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast to hit theatres on March 17, have I got news for you. Casa Loma is hosting an exclusive Beauty and the Beast exhibit on Family Day weekend!

Guests to the Castle from February 17 – 20, 2017 will be able to see nine costumes from the hotly anticipated film and can participate in themed interactive activities and special performances. There are no clues just yet as to what those may be, but my money’s on something family-friendly and fun! Casa Loma will be the only location in Canada where fans can see these costumes before they hit the silver screen.

Beauty and the Beast Casa Loma Toronto

Admission to the exhibit is included in Casa Loma’s general admission and they’ve extended their hours to 9:30AM – 9PM for the weekend. You can find more information on the Casa Loma website.

I wouldn’t consider myself Disney-obsessed, per se… but I’m definitely an enthusiast. Especially when it comes to the classics! My girlfriend Stella and I have had a GCal invite for the movie release since it was first announced, so you can bet we’re¬†going to do our best to make it to this exhibit! I hope Belle’s gorgeous golden ball gown makes the trip.

Until then…you can find me twirling and belting out my favourite lines from the film’s iconic songs. (And when we touched, she didn’t shudder at my paaaaaaaaaw)

…and watching this trailer on repeat!