Wax Your Brows, Help Other Women

In May, making a difference can be as easy as getting your brows waxed. One of my favourite beauty brands, Benefit Cosmetics, is back with another year of the Bold is Beautiful project to empower women.

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If you’re familiar with the brand, you know that Benefit is all about feel-good beauty and inspiring confidence (and sass!) in women. They’re taking that principle beyond beauty by donating money raised from their brow wax services in the month of May at participating locations to local charities that empower women & girls around the world.

How does it work?

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Now doesn’t that feel good? I love the idea of a beauty service translating into a donation that helps women to feel more beautiful, empowered, confident and ready to take on the world. After all, isn’t that what beauty is all about?

Find a participating location near you at www.boldisbeautiful.comĀ