#Beneselfies are for besties

I’d like to think I’m pretty lucky with my work situation. Not only do I work with awesome people, but the surrounding areas are, shall we say, perfect. With Bloor St. shopping within view (and reach) at all times plus friends (like the team at Benefit Cosmetics Canada) in my building, I’m happy as a clam.

The team at Benefit just launched a fun little contest the other day where you can win up to $2500 of goodies. Three weekly prizes plus a grand prize of assorted Benefit Cosmetics goodies, West 49 gift cards PLUS a Samsung Canada Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet are up for grabs.

Some Beneselfies prizes! {photo c/o Benefit Canada}
Some Beneselfies prizes! {photo c/o Benefit Canada}

All you have to do is tag your favourite friends as their Benefit Cosmetics personality. The team at Benefit gave me this one:

The shopaholic: If the shoe fits, buy the other one!

Shocking, right?

Meet my Benebabes:


Stella (The Gorgeous Geek) is a fellow Queen’s + #HumberPR alum who shares my obsession for all things beauty. She’s also become a touch nerdy in the last little while – she does PR at a tech company which means she’s now fluent in all things microchips and gaming. She’s also the only person who had access to my Secret Real Wedding Pinterest board.

Alanna (The Fashionista) is also a fellow #HumberPR alum although we met on Twitter. We now work only a few floors apart – she’s the Digital Marketing & Community Manager at Mastercard Canada. I can always count on Alanna to enable yet another purchase or to send eLuxe links my way.

Kelsey (The Globetrotter) and I have been friends since high school. We also went to Queen’s together! A fellow party planning aficionado, she was the first to come by with a stack of magazines and post-it notes to plan my upcoming wedding (see what I did there? PS. I GOT ENGAGED! Story to come.) She’s always trotting around the globe, literally, since she competes in horse shows.

Amanda (Miss Sporty & Sassy) and I met in our Politics classes at Queen’s. Her claim to fame is rarely wearing anything other than workout gear – she’s always en route to one activity or another – although this may have to change since she’s now a high-powered lawyer lady. Amanda and her boyfriend Ryan are one of our favourite couples to hang out with – A talks politics with Mike while I plan country concert adventures with Ryan.

Shannon (Miss Independent) and I have been Twitter buddies for the longest time, but this former Argo cheerleader and I met, fittingly, IRL for the first time during last year’s Grey Cup game. Known for her sassiness and her Ruby Woo lips, Shannon just “gets” what goes on in my life. A fellow social media manager, she’s always just a mouse click away.

Bridget (The Comedian) was my housemate during my last year of Queen’s. She found our listing and after chatting with me still wanted to live with us. I’ll never forget the day she moved in; a day where she regaled me with stories of housemates past complete with a re-enactment of a certain bar night. The laughs never seem to end.

Ariana (The Sexy One) was an intern at BBDO the summer I started working there. We became fast friends and soon found ourselves lunching, gossiping about boys and making plans outside of work. I’m so excited that Ariana’s new job is just across the street from me! Her Benebabe moniker needs no explanation – Ariana embodies all that is sexy.

To enter Benefit’s #Beneselfies contest, head on over to the http://www.beneselfies.com and tag your BFFs as their Benebabe personalities.

***Disclosure: I’ve been provided with compensation to tell you about this contest from Benefit Cosmetics Canada. As always, I’m sharing this with you because I love the brand (and contest!) and think you will, too. This is a sponsored post. ***