#AdBowl Hits & Misses

Although I’ve always had a penchant for football players, my favourite part of the Super Bowl remains the ads. While I appreciate what goes down on the field, there’s nothing like seeing corporations throw millions of dollars at agencies + networks for a few seconds of airtime during The Big Game. This year’s crop of ads were very hit or miss – nothing blew my mind but there were a few that really stood out.

Best Ads: Super Bowl 2013

Mercedez-Benz: Soul

Guess what my next car is going to be? Mercedes managed to make their new CL not only ridiculously covetable but also feel affordable with this commercial. The messaging is strong: this car is so awesome you’d make a deal with the devil to have it…but hey, you don’t have to since it’s only $30k. Bonus points for appearances by Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe.

Audi: Prom

This was the first ad that caught my eye online over the weekend. Before someone gets all sassypants on me, yes I realize there are some undertones of misogyny and that grabbing the prom queen and making out with her without preamble is assault-y. However, I think the overall feel of the ad – that Audi inspires bravery and can change the way you feel – is great.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl: Goat4Sale

Of the Crash the Super Bowl spots, this was my favourite. It’s been making the rounds online for awhile now, but it never seems to get old. Who doesn’t want a pet goat to share Doritos chips with? That is, until they eat all your Doritos chips. It’s the same way most people feel about their younger siblings. A+, Doritos.

Budweiser: The Clydesdales – Brotherhood

I’ve had a thing for the Budweiser commercials – namely the Clydesdales – since high school. This spot really tugged at my pony-loving heartstrings and included an increasingly-important social element. Viewers can tweet including the #Clydesdales hashtag to name the baby Clydesdale in the commercial! Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl: Fetch

Another impressive CTSB spot from Doritos, you can’t help but giggle when you watch Fetch.

Kia: Space Babies

This commercial is all the cute things. Babies! Tiny animals! Babies in space suits! The concept is whimsical and dreamy, but the end is relatable.

Worst Ads of Super Bowl 2013

Now, I might be acting a bit melodramatic by calling these the worst ads of the Super Bowl, but hey…SEO. These ads just didn’t do it for me. They aren’t horrible by any means, they just fell short of the mark.

Samsung: El Plato Supreme

The teaser for this ad was really strong and made me excited for the full cut. Unfortunately the end result was less than exceptional. Even with the starpower, poking fun at past Super Bowl wins fell flat.

Century 21: ALL OF THEM

These all resulted in “huh?” moments. Nice thought to insert Century21 into life’s biggest moments, but execution was terrible. These commercials came off as mean, insensitive and missing the mark at best. What did we learn from these ads? Where these ads suggest you ask for a Century 21 Agent, you should really be calling a doctor.

Dishonourable mention: Bell’s Fibe game show commercials.

Honestly, what were they thinking? Each spot was a veritable cringe-fest.


Which were your favourites?