Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

What does your podcast queue look like? After jumping into Missing Richard Simmons headfirst and with abandon, I somehow fell completely off the podcast bandwagon. When a beauty writer I’ve been working with over the last year started a podcast, I dipped a toe back in. I excitedly let her know I had finally figured out the whole podcast thing the next time I saw her. “Oh, you finally found that little purple icon?”. Touche, Carlene. Touche. It didn’t take long for podcasts to become my go-to during my commute. If you’re new to podcasts – or rekindling your love – and not sure where to start, start here.

Inspirational Podcasts

Are you in a rut? I’ve been in a bit of one recently and listening to the podcasts below has been instrumental in helping me out of it. If you’re in need of a bit of inspo – or a lot – load up the podcasts below for a dose.

  • Do you feel like everyone has their career figured out except for you? Second Life has made me feel a whole lot better about that nagging thought. Hosted by Hillary Kerr of MyDomaine, Second Life spotlights successful women who have made major career changes – think Lauren Conrad, Linda Wells, Emily Henderson – and are embarking on their “Second Life”. Every episode makes me feel inspired and like things will work out in the end if I trust my intuition and inner voice.
  • Have you ever wondered how your favourite company got its start? NPR’s How I Built This profiles innovators and entrepreneurs like Lululemon’s Chip Wilson, Drybar’s Ali Webb, and Kate & Andy Spade. Along with arming you with excellent cocktail party tidbits, each interview goes deep on inspiration, funding and challenges of starting a business. If you’re teetering on the edge of entrepreneurship, this just might push you over.
  • If you get nerdy about tech in luxury, beauty and fashion, you’ll love The Glossy Podcast. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn something new about how digital is impacting, shaping and forever changing these industries. The pod doesn’t shy away from tough topics like sizeism in fashion, authenticity in social media and building trust. Every episode sharpens your digital chops.

Beauty & Wellness Podcasts

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. If your Instagram feed and vanity are already stuffed with beauty and wellness products, it’s time to fill up your podcast queue with these must-listen pods, too.

  • If you love beauty, you need to listen to Fat Mascara. Beauty editors Jessica Matlin (Harper’s Bazaar) and Jennifer Goldstein (Marie Claire) invite beauty influencers, celebrity makeup artists, and industry experts like derms, stylists, chemists and more onto their podcast. I always feel in-the-know when I listen to Fat Mascara. It never feels sales-y or sponsored and these fabulous ladies always attract the coolest guests. They also imbue that BFF vibe that makes every podcast feel like a gossip sesh with your girlfriends (surrounded by piles of makeup, naturally).
  • Hear me out on this one. I’m not going to wax rhapsodic about yoni eggs or v-steams or whatever else is on GP’s must-try du jour. I will, however, admit that I do enjoy a good dabble in the Goop podcast. It was the Sarah Jessica Parker episode that sucked me in, I’ll admit it. But as much as I like to roll my eyes at most of what Gwyneth Paltrow wants us all to try, she’s quite the conversationalist and gives great interview. You won’t find GP on every episode – most are interviews with health & wellness practitioners, including therapists and doctors – but I’ll admit hers are my favourite. Because SJP. And Oprah. Need I say more?
  • Want to add some Canadian content to your beauty listening routine? Let me introduce you to Carlene Higgins & Jill Dunn’s Breaking Beauty, although you likely don’t need the introduction. Two of my favourite Canadian beauty writers teamed up to create this informative & fun podcast with a local vibe. Guests like Sophia Amoruso (the #girlboss herself), MAC co-founder Frank Toskan & RMS’ Rosie Marie Swift along with deep-dives on hot ingredients like squalane and retinol round out the total beauty experience.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, get ready to get completely sucked in. Once you start, it really is tough to stop! I’m always hunting for new podcast recommendations – think politics, beauty, current events, digital & luxury – so please leave your favourites in the comments!