Blogs Worth Reading Right Now

Have you heard blogs are dead? In an Instagram-obsessed world, it feels like we don’t give blogs nearly enough of the attention they deserve. Over and over, I keep hearing how blogs are falling to the wayside or how “no one reads them anymore”. Well, this girl does. Blogs were my first introduction to the internet – I ran a few sites in the Geocities days and have always loved them as a way to express yourself, share creatively and learn about new products, trends and experiences. I want to read more blogs, and I think you should too. Not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered.

3 (Canadian!) blogs worth reading

If you’re in a bit of a blog rut and are looking for some inspiration, beauty tips and decor goals, here are three of my favourite blogs worth reading.

Lark & Linen


I first discovered Jacquelyn on Instagram – she has a swoon-worthy feed of interior design and decor, travel and a sweet, curly pup who melts my heart. I quickly learned there’s more to her than just the ‘gram. I find myself browsing Lark & Linen for design ideas, updates on her Victorian home reno and recipes. Especially as we house hunt, watching Jacquelyn update her home has become so comforting and intriguingl! To me, Lark & Linen is everything a blog should be: down-the-rabbit-hole readable, personal and inspirational.

Gateway posts:

Beauty Editor

I’m an unabashed lover of Michelle’s skincare and cleaned-up beauty tips & tricks, new product roundups and celeb beauty evolution before & afters. When you find me waxing rhapsodic about HydrExtreme or RMS Living Luminizer, it’s because of her. When I talk about trying to green my beauty routine…yup, that’s Michelle’s influence as well.  In beauty, trust is everything. After so many years of clear hits from Michelle’s recommendations, I don’t hesitate to take her accessible and honest beauty advice.

Gateway posts:

This Renegade Love

When Lauren’s content first hit my feed, I was ready to write her off as yet another came-here-with-a-plan Instagrammer. That would have been a huge miss. Sometimes my cynicism from too many years of internetting gets the best of me. I’m happy to report she’s more than proved me wrong with a few years of solid, no-BS content. This Renegade Love shares a wide breadth of content that really speaks to me: industry and career tips/musings, travel guides, and general posts about life that always feel like they were written just for me. I never wait long before reading when I find out a new post has hit her site. [Also, her branding is on-point. It’s the type of branding I aspire to but never make the time to sit down and figure out for myself. As a former PR pro, she flips that saying about the cobbler’s children on its head (while I live and breathe it most days). ]

Gateway posts:

I’m looking to ramp up my blogger discoveries, so please leave me links below of any sites you think I should get to reading! I feel like there are still so many people sharing their musings online that I’d love to dig into.