Tour the World’s Chicest Farmer’s Market at Club Monaco Bloor St.

As usual, I’m going to apologize for making you run to Bloor Street on your lunch break. In the past 5 or so years that I’ve been working in the neighbourhood, I’ve had a lot of great finds in Yorkville/Bloor. Aside from the opening of Kate Spade, none have been quite as deliciously dangerous as the chic Club Monaco Farmer’s Market that popped up last week. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the world’s chicest farmer’s market. You’ll see…

Club Monaco Farmers Market August to October Bloor Street Toronto

Popping up outside Club Monaco’s Bloor Street flagship in Toronto, the market is home to five of the city’s top vendors and will be open 7 days a week until mid-October. You don’t want to miss this one – trust me.

Club Monaco Market - Bloor Street Toronto vendors

I visited last week for a quick tour – the first of way too many, I’m sure – with my friend Jaime and was immediately taken by how lovely it is. Bloor is no stranger to beauty – every shop along the mink mile is jaw-dropping – but the lush greenery outside Club Monaco’s impressive Toronto home was something else.

Club Monaco Farmers Market Toronto Bloor Street 2015 Philips Ice Pops - Club Monaco Market Toronto

Our first stop, of course, was Philip’s Ice Pops. It wasn’t even a muggy day, but I learned last year that these pops are not to be missed. Of all the ice pops in town, these are my favourite – flavourful, made with local ingredients and just delicious. I had strawberry basil while Jaime enjoyed watermelon mint – yum!

Bake Shoppe Pop Tarts Club Monaco Farmers Market Toronto Bake Shoppe Ruffles bar CMMarket Toronto Ruffles bar Bake Shoppe Toronto Stephanie Fusco Club Monaco Farmers Market CMMarket

I’ve been seeing Bake Shoppe‘s homemade pop tarts all over Instagram, so I knew we’d have to try one of those as well. The chocolate/peanut butter treat was to die for, but what really stole our hearts was the ruffles marshmallow bar. HELLO. I’ll be MIA for the next week while I figure out how to recreate it in my kitchen.

Club Monaco Market - Sweet Woodruff - Toronto Club Monaco Market - Sweet Woodruff prices Sweet Woodruff Bouquet Toronto CMMarket

These beauties from Sweet Woodruff – one of my go-to Toronto floral shops – made their way home with me. They’ll be offering up Club Monaco-inspired bouquets all summer long and you can bet they’ll be gracing the desks of all the agency ladies along Bloor. These dahlias were my first of the season and made it just a little easier to say goodbye to my beloved peonies.

Club Monaco Farmers Market Toronto Hours Location Boxcar Social coffee Club Monaco Farmers Market Toronto Club Monaco Market Toronto - boxcar social

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, Parts & Labour is serving up a custom white fish & quinoa salad designed by executive chef Matty Matheson. Early birds wanting a change from the area’s bazillion Starbucks will find freshly brewed artisinal coffees from Boxcar Social.

If you’re ever in the area, make sure to shoot me a message so we can check out the market together! I’ll be walking over every chance I can get.