Booty Camp Fitness Diaries: 4-week review

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been participating in Booty Camp Fitness for the past month. My friend Kelsey and I decided to sign up a few days before the August session began and committed to a full 8 weeks.

Steph’s Booty Camp Fitness 4-week Review FAQ:


Why Booty Camp Fitness?

I’d heard a lot of great things about the program – I have coworkers and friends who have tried (and loved) it and had amazing results. I’ve also been following the company on Facebook & Twitter for a year now. I also love that it’s women-only and occurs twice per week – having a pre-paid, set time to work out really helps me stick to a plan.

What’s your fitness history?

I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. While I was really active throughout high school (sports teams, 3x week personal training), that fell to the wayside during university. I suffered a back injury in 2008 that left me bedridden for 3 months while my body healed itself (avoiding disc surgery). Since then, I’ve been very careful about the activities I partake in for fear of aggravating my discs. I’ve been 100% cleared for exercise, though. Since 2008, I’ve lost a total of 40+ pounds.

Kelsey & me before Day 1 of Booty Camp Fitness. All smiles. Rookies.

How challenging are the classes?

You will sweat, you will huff and puff, you may feel like you’re going to pass out. The classes are a combination of body-weight exercises (planks, squats, lunges, burpees) and pure cardio (running, football drills, etc). You can go at your own pace, which is great both as a beginner and a veteran booty camper – it’s easy to slow down or ramp up your exercises.

What should I bring/wear?

Bring along a yoga mat (the thicker the better, since you’ll be working out on pavement), towel (for sweat, tears and extra support) and lots of cold water. I’m talking 2 bottles here. I’d also recommend dousing yourself in bug spray if you’re working out in the summer months – the mosquitos are vicious!
Wear a good sports bra (mine is Shock Aborber from The Bay) and runners. Make sure to layer your clothing – you may want to strip down to a tank or add a sweater depending on the weather. Booty Camp runs rain or shine (as long as there isn’t an extreme weather warning)

Me after my first Booty Camp Fitness class - I survived!

Will the instructors yell at you?

Booty Camp Fitness instructors don’t yell – although there may be a lot of “wooo” ing. Expect encouragement, personal stories and motivation.

What does it cost?

$299 (+ tax) for an 8-week package of 16 1-hr camp sessions, $159 for a 4-week package of 8 1-hr camp sessions. You’ll also participate in physical fitness assessments and receive a workbook and DVD full of bonus exercises.

Is there anything you don’t like about the sessions?

While I have overall a positive review thus far for Booty Camp Fitness, there are a few things I would change. Your classes are really contingent on your instructor – if she feels like kicking your butt, it will happen. If she’s burnt out and on her phone, you will have to rely on yourself for motivation. I also feel like there’s not enough emphasis on form (although my instructor really focused on this in my class last night, so it’s hit-or-miss).

What are your results so far?

In 4 weeks I’ve lost 3 inches (arms, thighs & waist) and one pound.
I feel stronger and can see definition in my arms. I no longer have any “bra fat” (that annoying back bulge that your bra can cause) and everything feels and looks firmer. My butt has lifted (thanks, lunges + squats!) and plumped up with muscle (a plus in my books).

The 6:45 North York session doing ab work in the rain.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for my 8-week review at the end of the month.

Would you try a boot camp-style workout?

  • Claire LaRocca

    Devoted boocamp goer. Nothing else hits all the main muscle groups! Steph – now you’re going to have to come with me to Barreworks and review 🙂

    • You’re my bootcamp inspiration, Claire! Should have done this with you two years ago. Let’s plan a post-work Barreworks date – so sad I missed the media preview.

  • Amanda Burcul

    Congrats on losing those inches! That’s awesome 🙂

    • Thanks, Amanda! Hopefully I have even more success in the next 4 weeks 🙂

  • Congrats on losing the inches and pounds. As a veteran Booty Camper, if you feel you’re not getting enough from your instructor, I urge you to try other camps as makeups. I found my current instructor via a makeup camp early on. She quickly corrected my push up form. Much of my successes over the past 10 months are due to her!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Here’s hoping the next 4 weeks bring about more positive change.

      That’s great advice about the instructor. Mine seems to have turned a new leaf with this new session, so we’ll see how it goes! As long as I’m seeing results I’m not too too concerned, but I’d love to get the full experience all the time – something tells me the results would be even more impressive!

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  • Sarah Schudlo

    So glad you stuck it out Steph! After taking the summer off I’m back to Booty Camp in October and I’m super pumped for it!

  • kathy

    doing abs in the rain? that’s hardcore man. boot camp classes are awesome and they whip you into shape in no time!

    congrats on the lost inches! it’s always amazing to hit your fitness goals. keep it up!

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