Buy My Love

Forget Klout ratings.  Empire Avenue has offered a new way to measure your online self-worth – stocks!

I discovered the site (still in beta) through @zbussey on Twitter, who was also kind enough to send over an invite!

The premise: As you do more online, through Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, your stock rises.  Slack off on your Tweeting and your stock will fall.  Gain worth by those buying your stock, as your ‘influence’ supposedly increases.  Along the way, gain rewards for completing various tasks and reaching milestones.

Will it be worthwhile?

I’ve found that trying to increase my Klout score has given me great incentive to keep my Tweeting relevant and to reach out to my network.  However, since (as far as I can tell) increasing your rating on Empire Avenue relies on creating content and not necessarily on the usefulness of the content itself, using the site might inspire a flurry of irrelevant Tweeting and Facebook status updates in hopes of increasing the value of one’s stock.

There is a certain twinge of self-satisfaction that has happened each of the times I get that email telling me that someone else I don’t know in real life thinks I have potential and has bought shares in my stock.  Will I feel accountable to these people? Probably not.  Will they care if my stock falls? Doubtful.  But for now, this seems pretty cool and I’m curious to see where it goes.

Try it out. And if you do, buy stock in SVF (that’s me!).  I hear she’s a rising star.

PS. For more of an ego-boost, check out (thanks to @aglicksman for the link!)
Here is a pic of my “follower” parade, mid-route.  They are carrying a float of my avatar! Amazing.