Capitol Hill Barbie: Gone for good or just getting going?

The United States’ very own Capitol Hill Barbie announced earlier this week that she would be abandoning her position as governor of Alaska.  While this is not altogether surprising, given the ongoing media frenzy surrounding her antics and those of her children, one has to wonder whether Sarah Palin is gone for good or just gearing up for the 2012 presidential race.

A woman many would not have considered to be a good Vice President is now being touted as a potential frontrunner, along with candidates such as Huckabee, to be the Republican nominee.  However, are the White House and the rest of the free world ready for Barbie to be President?  It was one thing to consider Hilary Clinton as President.  Cankles aside, Clinton was known to be a steadfast, persevering, and politically sound candidate.  Palin, on the other hand, is best known for her hot bod, pregnant teenage daughter, and brainless remarks.

So, the question remains: is Sarah Palin taking time off due to embarrassment or is she merely gearing up to take over the White House?  Time will tell, but one thing is for certain.  This girl would prefer another man in the White House to dealing with a woman who is a disgrace to all politically-involved females and would be detrimental to young girls’ Presidential fantasies.  In fact, I’d prefer if Ms. Palin shuffled off the radar into whatever hidey-hole Osama created.