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How I Curl My Hair | TUTORIAL

Have you ever looked at someone with a bouncy blowout and thought they probably spend their days in the salon chair or chained to the bathroom vanity? While my go-to hairstyle might look labour-intensive, it’s not. Today, I’m throwing open the doors to Salon Stefan* today and giving you all of my curled-hair secrets. This […]

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Upgrade your 5-minute face

Every extra second in bed counts. Especially on weekday mornings, I’m a firm believer in the 5-minute face. Recently, I’ve discovered a few tweaks that make your everyday hair & makeup routine feel a bit more luxurious and give you a bit more bounce in your step. It doesn’t happen often around here, but these […]

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5 steps to perfect brows

Season after season, there’s one trend that seems to always remain – bold, beautiful brows. Well-groomed arches frame your face and define your eyes, whether or not you’re wearing makeup. You can get and maintain your own bold beautiful brows in 5 easy steps. Brow Rehab + Professional Shaping. Wimpy brows don’t do anyone any […]

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DIY Glitter ‘gradient’ Manicure

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend – I spent mine warming a friend’s new condo (congrats, Heather!), doing the most date-night things imaginable with my boyfriend (think dinner at our favourite spot in Kleinburg then glow-in-the-dark mini putt. Actually) and spending all my Optimum points with fellow beauty-lover Stella. We bought all […]

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Easy DIY Spring Nail Art: whimsical polka dots

I’m going to preface this by saying “this is what happens when you spend too much time on Pinterest”. Being eyeballs deep in pretty things for hours on end can give a girl with no discernible design skills quite the complex. Luckily, I spotted some inspiration that I knew I could replicate – a whimsical […]

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