Head-to-Toe Bridal Beauty Guide

Here’s the thing about weddings: it seems like there’s always something more you can do. It’s not just the invitations, the dress, the food, the music… all the little details you never thought mattered crop up and must be dealt with. The same kind of goes for beauty – head to toe, there’s always something extra you can do to prep & pamper yourself for your big day. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of head-to-toe bridal beauty tips.

The Kit’s 1-minute miracles: Q & A …

Do you live in search of the next big thing, that beauty product that’s going to change your life, your routine, your outlook on 7 AM? I know I do – that’s how I ended up writing this blog! It also means that I now have cabinets..and shelves..and an armoire full of every type of beauty product. Wouldn’t it be nice if some fairy godmother told you exactly which products were worth the hype and required little-to-no effort to get excited about?

How to: whip your skin into shape

It’s the nightmare that doesn’t end once you become an adult: a big event is on the way and bam! you wake up with a massive pimple. Learn how to whip your skin into shape, courtesy of our skincare experts.