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Wedding Planning Secrets

I’ve never been more grateful for my Type A personality or intensive Humber PRĀ  event & project management training than during the process of wedding planning. With so many people to manage – family, bridal party, vendors, your fiance -, lists of deadlines to meet and things to consider, wedding planning can become consuming and […]

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Countdown to THE DRESS + wedding update

When we got engaged back in October, June 6 2015 felt lightyears away. As you’re reading this, we’re 415 days away from the big day…and only 8 days away from my first wedding dress shopping experience! As I’ve shared before, I’ll be test-driving Luxe Shopping Experiences next Thursday as my mom and I take on […]

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Surprise! We’re Eloping.

At some point in the wedding planning process, every bride will dream of eloping. With all of the stress of wedding planning, suddenly an elopement sounds like the easiest, most fun and most romantic option. Most won’t go through with it. But hey, some of us do.   Since Mike & I are full steam […]

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