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How well do you know your roast?

I’m a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a person by their choice in coffee. At Starbucks, the level of personalization available means that’s even more true. I’m a Grande Bold kind of girl or, if I’m going to treat myself, a triple tall lactose-free skinny caramel macchiato (with extra foam, please). […]

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5 best cupcakes in Toronto

Happy National Cupcake Week, Toronto! One of my lots in life is that I can’t say no to a cupcake. The delicious personal-sized morsels of disaster are always so prettily packaged and cute that I find it hard to resist. Also, their size makes them oh-so-easy to justify, especially the minis. Even though Toronto Star’s […]

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Temptress Tricks & Treats with Tempt Cider [review + giveaway]

Happy Halloweek! I feel really really really behind this year – we’ve been so wrapped up in everything engagement + wedding that we’ve barely had a spare second to do anything Halloween-related…including picking out a pumpkin or costumes. We have painted a super-ambitious ceramic haunted house from Michael’s though. Let’s just say it took four […]

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20-minute Caprese Pasta [recipe]

One thing’s become clear in the last week: Toronto can’t decide if she’s clinging to summer or jumping headfirst into fall. I leave my house bundled in layers each morning and find myself “glowing” in a rather unladylike fashion on the walk back to my car at night, my wardrobe choices foiled by unseasonably warm […]

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Maple Moose flavoured chips are a thing now

You heard right – yesterday I gave Maple Moose-flavoured Lay’s potato chips a try. They tasted like moose meat smothered in maple. Why is this a thing, you ask? Earlier this year, Lay’s Canada asked Canadians to develop the newest Lay’s chip flavour in their Do Us A Flavour contest. As of yesterday, the four […]

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