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Summer dreaming: Smitten Kitchen s’more layer cake

With the rollercoaster of temperatures we’ve had in Toronto the last few weeks, it’s been tough to embrace spring. Much as I wear brights and shoes without socks, it’s been feeling like spring is still way out of reach. That’s why I’ve made an executive decision to skip right to summer. Bare legs, sandals (ok, […]

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Perfect Homemade Popcorn [recipe]

I’m more than a little obsessed with popcorn. Obsessed to the end that, when things started getting serious with my boyfriend, my old roommate asked “Does he know about your popcorn…thing?”. The “thing” is that I would happily skip dinner in lieu of buttered movie (or microwave) popcorn with both the white cheddar and ketchup […]

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By popular demand: Paleo Chocolate Pudding Recipe

I’m quickly learning that the secret to surviving paleo is to find substitutes for delicious things. One recipe I saw again and again was this pale0-friendly vegan chocolate avocado pudding. I was skeptical, but I braved the chilly temps and took a trip to the grocery store last night to make this happen. Spoiler: it […]

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