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Blogs Worth Reading Right Now

Have you heard blogs are dead? In an Instagram-obsessed world, it feels like we don’t give blogs nearly enough of the attention they deserve. Over and over, I keep hearing how blogs are falling to the wayside or how “no one reads them anymore”. Well, this girl does. Blogs were my first introduction to the […]

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What Instagram’s Algorithm Will Mean For Bloggers (+ Brands)

Nearly 4 years to the date that Facebook purchased Instagram, the social media juggernaut has imposed its most infuriating feature on the photo-sharing platform. The Algorithm. On Tuesday,¬†Instagram announced its feed would be transitioning from the chronological stream we’ve all become accustomed to, towards a feed “ordered to show the moments we believe you will […]

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5 Lessons from The Great Instagram Cull of 2014

Friends, the other shoe has finally dropped. This morning, we woke to news that Instagram’s fake follower cull had swept the Toronto blogging scene (and beyond). The curtain, so to speak, has been lifted on whose follower counts had been greatly inflated by bots, purchased followers and other types of fakes. This doesn’t really come […]

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LinkedIn told everyone I had a new job

It’s been a very awkward two days for me. You see, on Monday evening LinkedIn started telling my professional network of 500+ connections that I had a new job. I got that feeling of dread as I saw the “congratulations” notifications piling up in my inbox. Let’s be clear: I’ve been at the same job […]

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