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Win tickets to SPD Toronto

If you don’t have your tickets to Toronto’s best St. Patrick’s Day Party, you’re in the right place. Tickets for the morning, afternoon and 7:30PM timeslots are sold out but I’m giving away 4 for the 7:30PM timeslot thanks to the team at SPD. Keep reading to find out more…and become a hero with your […]

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How to: Fix a Valentine’s Day Fail

Did your Valentine’s Day not go as planned? We’ve all been there. Whether something went awry, didn’t happen at all or you stayed home to wallow, we’ve all got a story of a Valentine’s Day Fail. My favourite cute-fail? My former roomie had been dating her now-longterm boyfriend for only a few weeks when her […]

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5 ways to celebrate love this week

I plan to win you over, whether you’re in the all-things-pink-and-sparkly camp or whether you’d rather avoid the over-commercialized, Hallmark holiday all together. While we shouldn’t need a reminder to love love, it’s certainly nice to have one. Here are 5 ways to celebrate all types of love this week. Wear your heart on your…accent […]

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Trinkets & Tokens

With a week to go until the big day, it’s time to stock up on all the pretty things for yourself and the ladies in your life. Whether you’re a big spender or just hoping to brighten a friend’s day with a little token, there’s something perfect waiting below. For the girl who sees the […]

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A Night of Fashion & Art: CAFA 2014

I’m a notorious last-minute canceller when it comes to non-essential party plans, especially during inclement weather. As a North-Of-Bloor dweller, I often use my hidey hole up in the great white north of Toronto as an excuse for avoiding downtown plans when the weather isn’t to my sunshiney, balmy liking. I was really tempted to […]

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Celebrate: love month activities in Toronto

Full disclosure: there’s a lot of Valentine’s Day content coming your way in the next few weeks. Single or attached, I’ve always loved this holiday dedicated to love. Enough so that I fully condone more than one night of celebrating. Toronto’s got a few awesome things in the pipe, whether you’re looking to hang out […]

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recaps & resolutions: 2013/14

Happy 2014! In the spirit of years past (see: 2012 & 2013 posts) this will be a recap of the year past and a little look into what’s coming in 2014. I spent New Year’s Eve the same way we spend every New Year’s Eve – dinner downtown and then a party with friends. The […]

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