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PR 101: Don’t be a Weiner

By now, you’ve heard the story of U.S. Democratic Representative Weiner, he of Twitpic fame. [missing out? see the end of this post for The Anatomy of a Scandal] It sounds like a bad joke: Representative Weiner tweets a photo of his wiener. Unfortunately for the Representative, this situation was…

The Opposite of Apathetic

We know, we’ve heard it all before. We, the youth, simply don’t care.

Recent vote mobs at universities across the country dare you to think otherwise.

Old dogs, old tricks

Canada, welcome to election season! With our 41st election upon us, there’s no doubt that politicians and their respective parties will be pulling out all the stops to attract new voters & retain their base. That’s all well and good, but… Is a little originality too much to ask for…

Political Agendas & Soapboxes

As alumni, most stay an arm’s length from the self-importance of university politics. However, in some situations it’s almost impossible not to comment. Nick Day has spent his tenure as Queen’s University rector using his position as a soapbox while refusing to attend assemblies of the students he purports to…

Hey, Wente: Hear Me Roar.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Margaret Wente tells us the struggle is over. I think she’s sorely mistaken.

Lara Logan – she was asking for it

When CBS reporter Lara Logan was subjected to a brutal sexual attack in Egypt, LA Weekly journalist Simone Wilson took it upon herself to blame the victim.

Social Media Success Story: QMP

How do you get Rick Mercer to attend your event when he’s declined invitations in years past? You reach out through social media. Each January, students from Queen’s University take over the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ont. for Queen’s Model Parliament.  Prominent Canadians, usually politicos and journalists, are invited…