Your mani could last a full week with CND VINYLUX [review]

You could say I’ve crossed the threshold from “lusty” to “obsessive”. This weekend at IMATS Toronto, I solidified my quickly-intensifying relationship with CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish & Weekly Top Coat when I purchased an additional 6 shades. After wearing the polishes exclusively for a full month now, I can say with absolute certainty that they’re worth every penny. I’m practically shouting it from the rooftops – it’s been awhile since I’ve loved a product this much.

CND Vinylux IMATS Toronto Haul

I’m at the point in my obsession where I’m “that girl” – you know, talking about VINYLUX at every opportunity, giving others my unsolicited opinions about VINYLUX and encouraging friends to also buy an outrageous amount of VINYLUX. My friend Stella matched my haul at IMATS this weekend – luckily they were 6 for $30 (I know. I wish I’d purchased triple the amount.).

VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat system is designed to strengthen its resistance to chips over time as it is exposed to natural light. The polishes apply just like regular varnish, yet you don’t need a basecoat. All you need to do is clean the nail with polish remover, apply two coats of your VINYLUX shade and seal with the topcoat. The whole shebang is dry in 8 minutes and requires absolutely zero time under UV light. I try to let my manicure rest for a bit longer, just for good measure, but I’ve tooled around only a few minutes after finishing application and haven’t gotten a smudge.

CND Vinylux Swatches Reviews

VINYLUX is currently available in over 60 shades with formulas ranging from sheer to opaque. My favourite part of the polish is that they will hold up for up to a week – sometimes more! The longest I’ve gone is 5 days, but my friend Daniela DiStefano had her nails done by Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar during the LuvMexAvocado event and they looked like this after 9 days:

CND Vinylux Weekly Manicure - Daniela diStefano

If that’s not the best testimonial ever, I’m not quite sure what is. She did trim her nails a bit to remove a little bit of tip wear, but check out that polish!  I haven’t had any trouble with streakiness or application – each bottle has been the perfect consistency and applies true to what you see in the bottle – no surprises here! Each bottle retails for about $11.95 (find it at Trade Secrets and Nail Polish Canada), but remember that you will need the topcoat, also about $11.95, to make the system work as it should.

Tips to make your CND VINYLUX manicure last the full week:

  • Start with completely clean nails. Make sure they’re 100% free of any other polish or oils before you begin. Wash your hands then give them a good swipe with regular polish remover, preferably using paper towel.
  • Apply in thin layers, leaving some space between the cuticle and where the polish begins
  • Wrap the tip – paint along the free edge of the nail to help prevent chips
  • Let your nails dry fully – even more than the 8 minutes if you can bear it.

CND Vinylux Swatches Review - Tinted Love

Tinted Love 

CND Vinylux Swatches Review - Gilded Pleasure
Gilded Pleasure

CND Vinylux - Locket Love swatch

Locket Love 

If you’re hard on your nails or if you just want to set it and forget it when it comes to your manicures, give CND VINYLUX a try. For the price of a salon manicure, you can get a full week’s wear with a DIY application. Bonus: you also give your cuticles and nails a much-needed break from the harshness of frequent polish removal or Shellac.
Will you give CND VINYULX Weekly Polish a try? Are you already a convert? Let me know in the comments!
** Disclosure: I was not provided with any of these products for review. This is 100% a product I sought out on my own and became (unhealthily) obsessed with ***