Long weekend must: single-pour sips from Crazy Uncle

The long weekend is finally here! OK – it was here for me yesterday but it’s here for the rest of you now 😉 (*smug agency smile*). With the summer on its way out (Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already back, you guys), this weekend is the perfect time to take advantage of BBQs, pool and cottage time and drinks with friends. By now, you’ve probably had all of the beer and sangria you can handle. If you’re looking for something new to sip on or want to shake things up with your next hostess gift, I’ve got just the thing.

Meet Crazy Uncle.

crazy uncle all web

Crazy Uncle was developed by Toronto-based brothers Bruno & Davide Codispoti along with Frankie Solarik from Barchef, one of Canada’s best mixologists, to appeal to the foodie market. Inspired by delicious culinary creations, these drinks go beyond the usual mix. By now, you’re probably cringing because you’ve had a gross one-pour cocktail. Crazy Uncle is nothing like your usual single-pour cocktail. Less sweet than savoury, Crazy Uncle tastes like something you’d make yourself at home…if you were an expert mixologist. It’s the perfect blend of tart, sweet and unexpected.

Crazy Uncle

As a self-professed lover of pretty (and Pinterest-y) things, I can’t help but love the bottle. It’s reminiscent of a moonshine bottle and I love the typography-heavy label. The polka-dot seal and coordinating “pocket square” (full of delicious rimmer) sealed the deal. This is a bottle you’re going to love bringing to your next party – it looks like the perfect present with zero effort.

Best drink to bring to BBQ - Crazy Uncle

Of all the press samples I get at work, the alcoholic ones tend to garner the most attention. This was no exception, especially because it comes in a beautifully-designed bottle. I pandered to my coworkers desires and popped it open after a particularly stressful afternoon (what, we work in an agency ;)) for a little taste test. They thought it was pretty fancy since I also rimmed the glasses with the included sugary rimmer. Please blame the photos on the fact that I wasn’t actually able to bring this home. If I did, I’m sure my photos and presentation would have looked a lot more like this:

Crazy Uncle how to serve

Instead, this is the DIY agency version. We’re lucky to have found four matching-ish glasses!

Lemon Basil Elderflower cocktail Crazy Uncle

As you can see, we gave the Basil Honey Lime Daiquiri a try and ended up drinking it straight since we didn’t have any ice or soda handy. It was delicious, but I would definitely suggest at least some ice next time – at 14%, we got a bit of a buzz as we sipped on the refreshing drink. The verdict? Definitely delicious. You can taste each of the key flavours, including the basil – something I’m really happy about as a staunch basil advocate and lover. We all agreed it would be the perfect bottle to bring to our next BBQ or to serve to guests at home. It feels fancy but is a single-pour. How much better can it get?

You can find Crazy Uncle at LCBO stores in three delicious flavours: Basil & Lime Daiquiri; Blood Orange, Rosemary & Maple Punch; and Cola Bitter & Mint Julep.

**Disclosure: while I was sent this for review and editorial consideration by Crazy Uncle’s PR, I also want to share that I’m related to Dave & Bruno. We’re cousins in the way that Italians are – fairly distant but we see each other fairly often. Bruno, Dave…this is a demand that the next time we’re in Collingwood a bottle of this deliciousness is waiting on my patio. 😉 As always, I’m sharing this because I love it and think you will too.