Luxe Lips: Dior Spring 2015

The toughest part of being a beauty & lifestyle blogger isn’t the time commitment or juggling work work with blog work and my social life. It’s, unequivocally, getting a package of pretty lipsticks to the office and knowing I really shouldn’t try them on until the weekend. You know, when I can use those few spare moments of daylight to photograph them first. Well, let’s just say that didn’t happen with this collection. Self control is overrated, right?

Dior Rouge Dior Swatch Review Lipstick Spring 2015

I’m absolutely in love with the spring shades of the Dior Rouge Dior Lipsticks and – spoiler alert – think I’ll be wearing one of these shades on my wedding day! Keep reading to find out which one…and ready your wallet because you’re going to want one (or all) of these.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick Spring 2015 swatches

See how saturated those swatches are? They slick on just like that. I like to blot with a tissue and re-apply a few times for maximum staying power and find they’ll last at least a few hours. At $39, they’re definitely on the “luxe” end of the spectrum, but they’re a splurge I’m more than comfortable with.

Swatches & Review


Dior Rouge 310 Paname Swatch Review

Dior Rouge Dior in Paname is a nude that skews a bit brown on me. I can see this being a fab nude on someone with darker skin. That said, I’m practically a ghost…so if you’re darker than me it’ll probably be cute on you!


Dior Rouge 808 Victoire Lipstick Swatch Review

Dior Rouge Dior in Victoire is a limited-edition shade from the Spring collection that is a bit retro and a lot spring-ready. It reminds me a bit of NARS Barbarella – a shade I love wearing in the summer with massive shades. Victoire is fresh, pretty and flattering.


Dior Rouge 359 Miss Lipstick Swatch Review

Dior Rouge Dior in Miss is my absolute favourite shade of the moment. Pending consult with my makeup artist, I’m pretty sure this will be my wedding day lipstick. A rosy hue with just enough punch, Miss is girly without being saccharine. Also, how perfect is it to wear a lipstick named “Miss” on the day you become a “Mrs.”? You get me, Dior.


Dior 688 Hollywood Lipstick Review Swatch Hollywood is another limited edition shade of Rouge Dior from the Dior Spring 2015 collection. This super-bright magenta is just begging for a beach…or a bachelorette party in Miami. It manages to be quite wearable, though – I wouldn’t hesitate to slick this on for day.


Dior Rouge 760 Times Squre Swatch Review

Dior Rouge Dior lipstick in Times Square is a sophisticated nod to the Big Apple. It’s a bit more muted than it appears in this pic – the swatch is more accurate – and I love to wear it with a mostly bare face highlighted with Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up. It’s the absolute perfect red-without-being-RED shade for my skin tone & hair colour. I feel a little like a grown-up Snow White in it.


Dior Rouge 858 Royale Lipstick Swatch Review

Royale is a candy apple red that presents as just that – shiny and ready to be bitten. Yes, it’s sassy (and I did a poor job of applying it). As much as I love a true bright red, I love it even more when formulas aren’t so obnoxious. Sometimes you just want to wear a red lip without committing to the red lip look, you know?


Dior lip swatches spring 2015

Apparently the moral of this story is that I shouldn’t try to pick favourites in a Dior spring collection. It would appear that I’m simply not capable. I absolutely love this formula and can’t believe it took me so long to try a Rouge Dior lipstick. I’ll be keeping each of these in my collection, apart from Paname which is just not my shade. Which is on your wishlist?

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