DIY: Avocado Beauty Treatments

Back when I was at HumberPR, we had a pair of guest speakers come in to talk about doing PR for avocados from Mexico. We all giggled while attempting to grasp that avocados actually need PR, but we soon learned that they can be a very intimidating food for someone who hasn’t tried them before. I’m pretty obsessed with them myself (ever since that presentation, to be honest), so I jumped at the chance to visit Tips Nail Bar for an evening of avocado beauty DIY with some of my favourite beauty bloggers.

IMG_4900Rema was my tour guide – she’d been to Tips Nail Bar before so I let her lead the way. I was completely wowed by the space Leeanne and her team created – you need to go down to the Danforth and check it out if you get a chance. I rarely get professional manis but I’m making a point of going back to visit Leeanne and Melissa soon. We were greeted by Miss Ava Cado, the official representative of Avocados from Mexico here in Canada along with our hostess for the evening, Janine Falcon of BEAUTYGEEKS. I always geek out over Janine, especially when she compliments me (usually about my skin – squee!).

via Janine Falcon
via Janine Falcon

As we’d hoped on our journey over, there were copious amounts of food, all created with avocados! Yes, you can do more than make guacamole with these little green powerhouses of deliciousness. The root cellar catered the event and created everything from chocolate dipping sauce to crostini using avocado. I tried pretty much everything and it was all delicious. Want to make some avocado goodies for yourself? Recipes here!

IMG_4904IMG_4905Avocado recipes - LuvMexAvocado

I was so excited to see Daniela there on behalf of This Beautiful Day. I always have the best time when we get to hang out at events like this and we had lots to talk about thanks to my recent engagement and her condo purchase. Exciting times, friends! We took great care in selecting our polishes and both ended up going for CND VINYLUX shades. By the way, CND VINYLUX is my new favourite polish formula in the whole world. It stays on for a week without chips (review coming!). I chose to go with gilded tips (CND VINYLUX in Locket Love #128) while Daniela chose CND’s dupe for a certain Chanel shade, CND VINYLUX Gilded Pleasure #115. We were super pumped to get our avocado on.

LuvMexAvocado - avocado DIY hand treatmentStephanie Fusco & Daniela DiStefano - LuvMexAvocado DIY hand treatment

The avocado mask felt super weird going on – it was cold and made my hands tingle a bit. After 10 minutes of letting it sit, I washed off the goop to reveal smooth, soft hands. Would definitely do this again. These avocado DIYs are so perfect for when you let that avocado sit a little too long on the counter but don’t want to toss it. Want to give it a go? Here’s the recipe:

DIY Moisturizing Avocado Hand Treatment

DIY Avocado Beauty Treatments: Hand Mask
Recipe type: DIY Beauty
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • ¼ fully ripened avocado from Mexico
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tbsp rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  1. In a shallow bowl, mash avocado until smooth.
  2. Add egg whites, oats and lemon juice to the avocado and combine.
  3. Massage into hands and relax for 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse with warm water and enjoy your deliciously supple skin. Make sure to get all of the mask off!
Check out my and Rema’s paws: not too shabby, huh?


I was also pretty obsessed with Marni’s mani:

Tips Nail Bar manicure

Throughout the night, Janine offered up beauty tips and suggestions about how to incorporate avocados into our regular beauty routines. One crowdsourced suggestion: puree avocados and add brown sugar for a luxe DIY body scrub. Yum! I mean…yay, soft skin!

Janine Falcon - LuvMexAvocado - Tips Nail Bar DIYIMG_4923

Overall, I had a fantastic evening. Along with beauty fun, I also got to see a bunch of ladies I hadn’t seen in a very long time plus finally meet a few IRL. Thanks to Janine, Avocados from Mexico at the team at Tips Nail Bar for hosting us! I had the best time and my gorgeous mani by Melissa has lasted all week. Would you do an avocado beauty hack?