DIY: gilded serving plates

My recent nesting urges have driven me to Teatro Verde, Restoration Hardware and HomeSense more times than I can count recently. We’ve been house hunting in earnest and my house-making feelings have been at an all-time high. I’ll admit, my frequent  business-only sourcing trips for a recent blogger program I just ran have made this problem so much worse. Try as I might, I just couldn’t justify a $65 price tag for a tiny little gold-trimmed serving plate I spotted at Teatro Verde just before our blush & gold-themed engagement party. When I spotted all the plain white stoneware at IKEA, the DIY bug bit and, to my surprise, my project was a success! Here’s how to DIY your own gold-trimmed plates just in time for the holidays for under $20.

DIY Gold Rimmed Plate

What you’ll need:

DIY Gold Foil Plates - supplies

– Ceramic plate (these were $6.99 at IKEA
Metallic opaque glass paint (I used Martha Stewart)
– Alcohol swabs (or alcohol + cotton pads/paper towel)
– Paint brush
– Painter’s tape 

How to:

  1. Start with a clean, dry plate. Wipe down the areas to be painted with an alcohol swab – this will help the paint to adhere.
  2. Tape off any areas you don’t want to paint. Ensure that the painter’s tape is pressed tightly to the ceramic – this will help to ensure crisp lines when you remove it later.
  3. Brush on the opaque metallic paint in short, smooth strokes. Don’t layer on too much at once – you’l likely need a few coats.
  4. Continue to brush on coats of paint until you reach the opacity you want.
  5. Allow paint to dry fully – it will be dry to the touch – and carefully peel off painter’s tape. Should any of the gold paint begin to peel off with the tape, pat it back into place.
  6. Touch up any jagged areas with a cotton swab dipped in water. Carefully paint over any peeled-off areas and allow to dry.

You’ll want to leave the plates to rest at least overnight. You can cure the paint in the oven, but since IKEA doesn’t claim to be oven-safe I avoided it. It will air-cure in 21 days, meaning that if you don’t do anything too destructive with it you can use it right away. I used mine later that week at our engagement party. Just make sure the paint doesn’t come into contact with food – it’s non-toxic but hasn’t been proven to be food-safe.

DIY Gold Foil Plate - Martha Stewart Glass Paint DIY Gold RImmed Plate - paint

DIY Gold Rimmed Plate - painted  DIY Gold Foil Plates - remove tape DIY Gold Rimmed Plate - fix

I love the look of these plates and can’t wait to gild lots of other home goodies. Next on my list? These adorable IKEA POKAL bowls – imagine how great they’d look filled with wrapped candies, jewelry or even floating a rose.

Happy DIY-ing! What are you most excited to gild?