DIY: Gilded & Glitter Mason Jars

Do you dream in glitter? Does gilded anything make your heart sing? It sounds like we’re one and the same. When I was planning for my Kate Spade-themed 25th birthday party, I knew I needed an easy way to match decor up with my vision of all things glittery, gilded & bright. I had the brights down – I’d found the cutest (and cheapest) paper straws + napkins at Indigo – but the glitter was still eluding me.

DIY Mason Jar Vases & Votives

My obsession with adorable vintage Crown jars was the inspiration for this easy DIY you can do in three easy steps. I love the chic mix of gilded + glitter mason jars! The original plan was to use the gilded jars as drinking cups, but they ended up making the perfect vases instead. Bonus: I now have two sets of awesome + versatile party decor I can use forever! Go team glitter.

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jars (any size/type – mine are from Canadian Tire)
  • For glittery jars:
    • Elmer’s school glue (+ a paper/plastic cup for mixing)
    • A paint brush
    • Fine glitter (any colour will do – I used champagne + silver)
  • For gilded jars:
  • A well-ventilated surface + drop cloth (that’s an old sheet you’re seeing)

DIY Mason Jar Vases & Votives 3-step How To

It’s as easy as it looks. Set up your work area by putting down a drop cloth or sheet. You’ll want a flat surface in a well-ventilated area if you’re going to be using the spray paint.

For glittery jars:

  1. In a disposable cup, mix Elmer’s school glue with water (1-2 tablespoons) to dilute the mixture. Alternately, you could use Modge Podge here.
  2. Paint the inside of the jars with the glue & water mixture. Paint as far up as you want your glitter to go – we went about 3/4 of the way up.
  3. Sprinkle a healthy amount of glitter into the jar (do one at a time so you can recycle the leftover glitter!) and swirl it around to cover all of the glue-painted areas.
  4. Shake out excess glitter and let dry

For gilded jars:

  1. Take lids off of mason jars and set them upside down in a circle on your workspace
  2. Shake the spray paint well and spray an even coat onto the mason jars. You can paint the whole jar or use painter’s tape to give it a different look – doing just the bottom inch and a half would give the jars an amazing gold-dipped look!
  3. Let the jars dry – they’ll dry pretty quickly, especially if you spray them outdoors – and apply a second coat if needed. If you’re going to use the jars as votives/candle holders, they don’t necessarily need to be opaque.
  4. Be careful with your jars! If you’re using them for drinking, hand-wash them carefully. Make sure not to scratch them – the paint is decorative and will scratch off easily.

Easy Party Decor - DIY vases + candle holders

That’s it! Out of all the DIY projects Kelsey -my partner in crime – and I did for my 25th, these were by far the easiest – and the most rewarding. The whole shebang took about half an hour – amazing as far as DIY projects go. When all was said & done, I wish I had even more jars to decorate with. They looked great lined up along the fireplace mantle as vases and grouped in threes on the tables – 2 votives for every vase. The gilded jars also look adorable with striped paper straws popping out the top on the bar.

What your favourite super-simple DIY?