DIY peony & dahlia tissue paper poms

For the last few months, the tissue paper poms I made for my Kate Spade-themed birthday party have been hanging off the treadmill in my basement. This means two things: 1) I obviously haven’t been on the treadmill in awhile and 2) all the cuteness has been wasted. In my quest for a a cute backdrop for blog photos, I hung them up behind my desk in the spare room and couldn’t help but post a photo on Instagram so everyone could see their loveliness. Well, the tribe has spoken and they want a quick tutorial on how to make these poms so here we go.

DIY tissue paper balls

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Poms

These DIY tissue paper poms will take you only a few minutes each. If you use dollar store tissue paper & string, you can make a dozen for under $10. Bonus: they look just like two of my favourite flowers. Use them over a sweet table at a party or wedding, over a baby’s crib or just to add a little something extra to a corner in your home. You could even tape them to a wall instead and use them as a backdrop for a photo booth. So many possibilities!

What you’ll need:

  • Tissue paper (10 sheets per pom)
  • Floral wire OR staples (I used staples)
  • String or fishing line for hanging
  • Scissors

  1. Separate your tissue paper into piles of 10. Lay one pile on a flat work surface and make accordion folds until the entire sheet is used up. It will look like this:
  2. Fold the tissue paper in half to find the centre and either twist floral wire around the middle or staple twice. Attach your hanging string – leave more rather than less, you can always trim it later.
  3. Cut off both ends of the tissue paper. A half moon shape will give you the look of a peony while an angled, triangular cut will give you a dahlia. The more you cut off, the smaller and denser your pom will be.
  4. Gently start to pull the tissue paper layers apart, pulling them as far up and away from the centre as you can. Do one side then flip it over and do the other. Your pom will start to take shape!

Here’s a quick Instagram DIY video

Happy DIYing!

  • michellepennell

    stephaniefusco Yes! My next DIY project for DD’s room.

    • stephaniefusco

      michellepennell Blog post just for you 🙂 They literally take only a few minutes each. Pro tip: do not hang with painters tape lol

      • michellepennell

        stephaniefusco Sweet! Will make sure to share the end result…if they’re worthy 😉

        • stephaniefusco

          michellepennell I’m sure they will be! Just be gentle when you’re pulling the pieces apart. I’ve ripped SO many.

        • michellepennell

          stephaniefusco Ooh, good tip! Going to try them tmrw…you know, I have a research paper due on Thurs, so why not do some arts & crafts?!

  • Jenn Richardson

    Funny you should post this! I’ve just made a ton for my sister’s baby shower! They look cute with printed paper too!

  • Leopard is a Neutral

    I can’t believe how easy & low-cost they are! I ended up making a bunch last-minute for my birthday when we had to move the party indoors and they made all the difference. I’d love to try them with printed paper!

  • spiffykerms

    Um. Thank you for doing this. Had no idea they were this easy. My boyfriends birthday is next week and I’m definitely decorating the apartment like this. Maybe not in pinks though 🙂

    • spiffykerms Let me know how they go! Perhaps not pink 😉

  • micheroo

    I absolutely love these and actually have a few in our place right now too, leftovers from a past party. I love it! Now I want to make some for every season… Methinks you need to find some leopard tissue paper though 😉

    • micheroo Ooooh you can read my mind sometimes. I’m definitely going to see if I can find some leopard paper to use as an accent in my office. These guys fell down since I only put them up with painters tape 🙁

      • micheroo

        stephaniefusco I used packing tape haha Joys of renting 😉