Maple Moose flavoured chips are a thing now

You heard right – yesterday I gave Maple Moose-flavoured Lay’s potato chips a try. They tasted like moose meat smothered in maple. Why is this a thing, you ask? Earlier this year, Lay’s Canada asked Canadians to develop the newest Lay’s chip flavour in their Do Us A Flavour contest. As of yesterday, the four finalists are in-stores across Canada. I worked on the campaign during the first contesting phase so I was mega-curious to see a) what the new flavours are and b) how they tasted! This resulted in my dragging my partner in crime – fellow community manager Megan – out to three stores in the area to find the chips during lunch yesterday so we could hold a taste test on our floor at work.

The finalists are…..

Lay's Do Us A Flavour Canada Finalists

Creamy Garlic Caesar, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Maple Moose and Perogy Platter!

I saw a ton of flavours come through and, I’ll be honest, Grilled Cheese and Ketchup was the one I was most hoping would make it to the finals. It’s pretty much the perfect food. Turns out it makes a pretty good chip, too! If you head on over to the Lay’s Canada Facebook page you can vote for your favourite finalist and also check out the inspiration behind each flavour. The winning flavour will be on store shelves after the voting period is over and the winner will be awarded $50,000 plus 1% of the future sales. Pretty sweet, huh?

Lay's Grilled Cheese & Ketchup Lay's Maple Moose Lay's Perogy Platter Lay's Creamy Garlic Caesar Canada

In an entirely unscientific taste challenge on the creative/strategy/dev floor (aka which bag of chips is now empty), Grilled Cheese and Ketchup appears to be the fan favourite followed closely by Perogy Platter. Everyone is most curious to try Maple Moose. What does it taste like? Exactly what is sounds like…but if you’ve never had moose smothered in maple syrup you’ll have to pick up a bag and give it a try. You can cast your vote here.

Which flavour are you most excited to try?

**Disclosure: Lay’s Canada is a client of the agency I’m employed by. I no longer work on the account but obviously I’m a huge fan 😉 All bags of chips were purchased by the team and not provided free of charge.