Engagement party inspiration: blush & gold

Stating the obvious: wedding planning is in full swing around here. Even though we have just a bit over a year and a half until the big day, it’s become quickly apparent that there’s a heck of a lot to do before then. It’s also become pretty obvious where my Type A, detail-oriented personality came from: Dad has quickly emerged as this wedding’s Bridezilla (in the best of ways). He’s chosen a date, compiled a top 3 list of venues and already asked if I’d like to practice our walk down the aisle.

Gorgeous cakes at Bobbette & Belle in Leslieville

Gorgeous cakes at Bobbette & Belle in Leslieville


I’m (surprisingly) a bit more chill: my chief priorities have been hanging out with the fiancé (no one tells you how little alone time you have once you get engaged. What date night?), thumbing through bridal magazines and choosing the perfect polish to complement my shiny new ring. I have gotten as far as choosing my colours and planning two engagement parties, though.

On Nov. 2, we’ll be hosting friends for a drop in at my house. There’s nothing I love more than a good party – especially when I get to Pinterest the heck out of it. Here’s a peek at my inspiration board for the night:

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When I think of a party, the first place my mind goes is the sweets table and all the pretty little things I can decorate with. My must-haves this time around:

  • PRETTY PRINTS: I’ll be stocking up on these adorable prints in my signature shades from SS Print Shop to scatter around the party and jazz up the sweets table. At $15 each (and framed in $12.99 IKEA frames), they’re completely affordable and re-usable. They’ll end up on my bedroom wall once the party’s over.
  • SPOTTED ACCENTS: Have I mentioned I love gold polka dots? It’s a bit of an obsession. I’m not sure how I’ll incorporate this little nugget of inspiration, but I love the idea of miniature pumpkins painted white & dotted with a gold Sharpie. Halloween is Mike’s favourite holiday, so this would be a fun little accent for him. I’d also love to do this DIY gold polka dot table runner – isn’t it adorable?
  • DAINTY SWEETS: I’ll be frank – I hauled my parents off to Bobbette & Belle this weekend after spotting these adorable miniature cakes on their website while doing a bit of research last week. These little guys are a bit out of my price range at $18+ each, but I ended up mirroring the look with a full-size carrot cake frosted with buttercream + topped with sugar flowers. I also picked up a small macaron tower in white, blush & gold and some meringues. Have I mentioned I love sweets tables?
  • RETRO E-VITES: Aren’t these Kate Spade Paperless Post e-vites adorable? I’ve been looking for an excuse to use them and inviting friends to our drop-in engagement celebration was the perfect one. They’re super-affordable and easy to use.
  • BALLOONS!: I have yet to find these balloons but I’m really hoping I can incorporate them somehow. Regardless, I’ll be picking up bunches of helium-filled balloons to add some levity to the more formal space we’ll be using for the party. Wouldn’t they look adorable behind the sweets table?

I’m also going to be incorporating a ton of Instagram photos that I’ve had printed at Black’s along with my set of Kate Spade Grace Avenue bowls. I’d love to incorporate my now-signature photobooth as well – any ideas?

PS. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be planning a wedding at the same time as lifestyle & DIY maven Lauren Conrad? I can’t wait for her wedding inspiration posts!

What cute details do you think I could add to make this night even more fun?

  • sara_cernivivo

    Love this post Stephanie, it will be gorgeous!!! I totally love this colour scheme

    • sara_cernivivo Thank you! Couldn’t help but use two of my signature shades. In lieu of leopard… 😉

  • KellyChow

    Loving it all! So excited to follow all your wedding adventures online. Congratulations again to you and Mike! So fabulous.

    • KellyChow Thank you! Means a lot coming from such a stylish lady ;). I can’t wait to share them!

  • RemaGouyez

    Am I surprised that you’ve already gotten this far in your planning? No. Is this post a little too exciting for words…YES. Love all these picks!

  • glitterdiaries

    Omg, I didn’t even know LC was engaged! I LOVE your party inspiration board! Congrats again & enjoy every moment of it.. it goes by fast 😉

  • JessicaGG

    I am hosting my engagement party on November 2nd and will be creating balloon centrepieces on the tables with our engagement photos (in black and white)  as the balloon weights. You could pick up ikea frames and DIY gold polka dots on the frames?

    • JessicaGG Congratulations! Sounds like it’s an exciting time for both of us. We haven’t even gotten to taking engagement photos yet – I feel so behind already 😉
      That sounds like an amazing idea. This party is a more casual cocktail affair, but my family party will definitely need centrepieces – will have to keep this in mind.

      • JessicaGG

        If you need a photographer I highly recommend http://www.wildeyed.ca/ – Alex is creative and awesome to work with. 
        And don’t worry, there is no timeline on anything. You are in charge of what happens when it happens!

  • ElinaSmith

    Congrats JessicaGG 
    I feel excited to watch your engagement photograph,and thanks Stephanie for your lovely ideas of engagement party.
    If you want  ideas for charity engagement party you can check here :http://www.smallerfootprints.ca/unique-charity-party-ideas/

  • Omeeeeegaaad!!!!! We have similar wedding colours!!! Ours is glitter, gold, white and red. (Yes I am aware that is four colours lol) So excited to talk weddings next time we see each other!

    • MariaAguilar I enjoy how you also consider glitter a colour #soulmates.
      SO much to talk about. If we don’t run into each other sometime next week (I feel there are a million events) we have IMATS so soon!

  • micheroo

    You’re making me want to do this again! And that’s just crazy! Must be the polka dots… I freakin’ love polka dots. We should polka dot the office.