Take it or Leave it – Essie’s Mint Candy Apple

I wanted to love this. I really did.

You see, I fancy myself a fashionista and those fashion bibles I love so much keep telling me that this greeny-blue colour is THE colour of the season.

First off, it went on chalky. It was streaky, matte, and impossible (IMO) to apply.

Once it was dry, it looked like in true grade 7 fashion I had painted my nails with a strange formula of white-out.  In similar fashion, my mother immediately asked me to remove the ‘trashy’ polish from my fingers, but conceded it might look alright on toes.

Just a few weeks ago, however, I complimented a cashier at Anthropologie’s polish…only to find out it was this same one.  Yes, it’s gloriously retro and possibly the cutest colour ever.  That’s why I’m telling you to take it or leave it.  I might have to give it another shot, and maybe you should, too.