Euro 2012 & Carlsberg Fan Park

I’m one of those “every two years” kinds of soccer fans. Around Euro Cup & World Cup, the flags come out and I split my time between Woodbridge, College St. & St. Clair. Now, I’m not a fair-weather Italian (I’ve got citizenship!) but I do ration my soccer intake.

Last weekend, for the Euro 2012 finals, the boyfriend and I headed downtown to watch the game. Since a friend had already purchased tickets to Cafe Diplomatico’s School Yard Bash, we started our day off in a school parking lot. Admission was steep – $15! – and food/drinks weren’t much better. Although spirits were high, I started to get a bit nervous when the screens still weren’t working with after the national anthems were sung.

Having done our due diligence at the Cafe Diplomatico event (see: Steph’s about to get her way), we headed over to the Carlsberg Fan Park for the game. 100% better.┬áNot only were the screens working, but the vibe was fantastic. Everyone was loving the afternoon and enjoying some fun in the sun (along with giatoni and lots of Carlsberg!)

The Carlsberg crew was super friendly and we had tallboys of the tasty libation in our hands within minutes. I’m not a huge beer drinker, but I do love a cold brew on a really hot day and I’ll definitely be reaching for Carlsberg Lite again. It was crisp, light and definitely quenched my thirst (and dulled my pain) during the game.

Also at the event: Hogstown Smoke. The scent wafting from the food truck (and from those nearby with food) was absolutely intoxicating and made me wish we hadn’t already eaten. We’ll be meeting again soon, of that I’m sure.

The company wasn’t so bad either – the bf and I got to spend some time with Jo (neutral) & Zach (paisano) which was long overdue.

Zach Bussey & me. Taken during the first half...obviously.

Although we had to do the walk of shame down College post-game (fun fact: we spotted some girl taking photos of the upstairs patio of Vivoli and later saw on the internet that she was stalking Drake!), the Carlsberg event gave our memories of the day a bit more levity. Thanks to Kelly, Peter and Strategic Objectives for a great afternoon!