The Ultimate Everyday Lip Look

Hear me out. This was one of those situations where you see the perfect lip look on the makeup artist doing your makeup and demand to try it yourself. And then it looks just as lovely as you’d hoped, so you buy all three products. And it becomes your go-to lip look for all occasions. A lot of you asked about this lip look following my review of Benefit’s new brow collection, so here you go!


It’s soft, it’s pretty, it gives that full-lip look that’s so in right now. As NARS National Lead Stylist Gillian Okopny explained the process to me, I exclaimed that it’s basically contouring for lips. I know, you thought the mega-contouring trend was over…sorry. The darker liner coupled with a gloss that’s nearly the shade of my (NARS Creamy Radiant) concealer in Vanilla gives lips that lush look without being harsh. Softly blended, it looks glamourous but not too “done”. On a special night, I might over-line even a bit more to give a really full look.

Your shopping list:

A fair warning: this is going to look UGLY as we work, but I promise it will look just perfect by the end.


Line your lips with NARS Velvet Lip Liner in Mirihi Island Beach, filling in all except the centre. I always over-line a bit (and you can see I messed up a bit in these pics. And fixed it later). 


Apply NARS Lip Gloss in Striptease to the areas of the lip without liner.


Cover the lips in NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel and blend, making sure to diffuse the lip liner. I like to do this with a brush but you can apply from the tube in a pinch. 




Still uncertain? Allow me to enable you: each of these products shines on their own: I’m absolutely in love with the NARS Audacious Lipstick formula and have yet to meet one I haven’t liked. I originally didn’t purchase the Striptease gloss, but after trying to duplicate the look without it…well I went running back to Sephora for the perfect, slightly shimmery champagne wonder. And finally, the liner. I rarely wore liner before, but this is the product and look that made me believe.

Now, you can of course try this with different products. I’m sure there are some dupes out there. But these are by far some of my favourite formulas, so I’m sticking with it.

Let me know if you’re going to give this lip look a try in the comments! 

[disclaim]I bought these products myself after learning about them during a makeup session with NARS. I’m sharing because I love them and think you will too! Not a sponsored post. [/disclaim]