Facebook announces clickable #hashtags

The rumours are true! Today, Facebook announced it would support clickable hashtags. That’s right, folks – your hashtag usage on Facebook is no longer ironic.

Facebook Hashtags ClickableFacebook Hashtags Clickable

Following in the footsteps of many social networks, Facebook’s hashtags will allow users to see what conversations are happening around a specific topic on the site. For users, especially those who have grown accustomed to using hashtags on other platforms, this will likely be a welcome change.

How hashtags will work on Facebook:

Users can:

  • Search for a specific hashtag from the search bar.
  • Click on hashtags from other services, like on photos coming from Instagram
  • Compose posts directly from the hashtag feed and search results (this means there’s going to be a dedicated hashtag feed – cool!)

It’ll look like this:

Facebook Hashtags Clickable NBA

It sounds like Facebook is making this as intuitive as possible and is also leveraging the behaviour that already exists across other platforms. Essentially, Facebook is making itself the hub for all other content, filling in the gap they previously had where hashtags were dead.

My questions:

  • Will you be able to use your own hashtags or will they pre-populate to preferred real-conversation tags? From the Instagram comment, it sounds like it’ll be a mix.
  • Will the content curate differently than on Twitter or Instagram?
  • Will posts have to be public to include a hashtag? Will friend groups be able to use dedicated conversation tags with privacy settings?

For brands, this change will mean that campaigns are suddenly able to be more consistently social than ever. Hashtags will likely become even more ubiquitous in advertising now that brands are able to use them consistently across all social networks.

Clickable hashtags will begin rolling out on Facebook’s desktop site starting today, with all users projected to have the capability in the coming weeks.

I’m really excited to see how this works – how about you?

  • TaylorNVFerri

    This will really open up the platform for brands looking to streamline conversations. As you mentioned, and them most important question to me and others in the field, will posts have to be public to include a hashtag? Will friend groups be
    able to use dedicated conversation tags with privacy settings?

    • TaylorNVFerri From what I’m reading, the hashtagged posts will function just like any other post in terms of privacy settings. Where I think things will get interesting is whether people will start to use Facebook more openly as they do Twitter (more public posts, less gating) and create a space where brands are able to respond on individuals’ walls or whether brands will remain as their own entity in the space.