Facebook just made community management easier

Facebook’s latest move will have community managers across the country rejoicing. As of February 20, when admins look at a Facebook page they manage, they will now be able to see exactly which administrator scheduled, posted and responded to any given post/comment.

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 5.57.28 PM


When I spotted this one of my clients’ pages yesterday, I immediately sent out an excited tweet, and for good reason: up until now, it’s been impossible to prove who has posted what on a brand page with multiple admins. For agencies that employ multiple community managers, use an external vendor or for brands that have a larger team managing internally, this change will mean increased accountability. It might also hint at larger changes to come within the platform – I’d love to see a more robust native management system in place that allows page admins to assign certain posts to one another as action items.

From Facebook:

If multiple people help manage my Page, how can I see who posted something?

On a Page post, the name of the person who posted will be listed below the name of your Page next to Posted by. On a Page comment, the name of the person who commented will be listed below the comment next to Commented on by. Keep in mind that only people who help manage your Page can see this information.

You can also see who posted or scheduled posts in your Page’s activity log. Learn how to remove yourself or another person who has a role on your Page.

Note: This information will only be visible on posts or comments created on or after February 20, 2014. This feature isn’t available to everyone right now.

Community managers: do you think this will be helpful?