Facebook News Feed Update Means Greater Exposure for Brands

Today, Facebook introduced a newsfeed change that will allow for additional exposure in posts where brands tag other brands. With this change, page posts where brands tag other brands (see example below) will appear in the timelines of users who follow both pages.

Facebook Algorithm Change

For example, in the post above fans of both LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL and Lise Watier would see the page post, whereas only fans of LEOPARD is a NEUTRAL would have seen the post previously.

This change is another that allows brands to act more like individual users on Facebook – the platform has always allowed for this functionality between users (ie. when you tag a photo of a friend, both you and your friend’s followers can see it). It’s also a huge opportunity for brands to co-brand and leverage the followings of their partners/other brands. This change will also be effective for bloggers: using this feature will allow for your content about a brand to be delivered to some fans of the brand. Ideal!

Facebook Newsfeed tagging for Brands change

Image via Facebook

As with all changes, this one is a bit of a double-edged sword. While it’s a plus that page followers will be able to see more organic, related content about the brands and pages they like, it’s also a potential issue for brands that are not officially partnered. This change allows for brands to leverage the audience of other brands, a potentially contentious issue during a time when building a fanbase is incredibly tough (and expensive).

For brands/public figures that are not friendly with one another, this feature also allows for one brand to “page-jack” another. Consider an activist group tagging a major brand or politicians commenting on one another’s platform points/flaws.

As with all Facebook changes, I’m very curious to see how this one will play out.

Do you think this change is positive?

See Facebook’s official comment about the release.