Facebook rolls out shared photo albums

Have you ever been to a party and not been able to see all the photos from it on Facebook because you weren’t friends with the person holding the camera that night? Or, are you having an event and want to have all the photos in one place where all of your friends can enjoy them?

Today, Facebook is rolling out shared photo albums, a feature that will allow for up to 50 people to collaborate on a single Facebook album. Each of the 50 users will be able to upload a maximum of 200 photos, meaning the shared album photo limit is 10,000 vs. the usual 1,000 allowed by individual albums. Privacy settings can be set to contributors-only, friends of contributors, public

Facebook Shared Photo Album

Photo via Mashable

Facebook is increasingly focusing on being the hub for everything visual online, as evidenced by their acquisition of Instagram and numerous updates to the newsfeed to focus on large photos. The new photo-sharing feature, created during a Facebook employee hackathon, will allow for users to easily aggregate photos taken during an event by multiple users and will compete with a similar feature Google launched last year: Party Mode.

Overall, I think this is a great update. It fixes a pain point for the Facebook user and also focuses on collaboration, an area Facebook has not previously made a large priority. For events like birthday parties, group trips and even weddings, Facebook Shared Photo Albums will allow for users to go beyond the humble hashtag when aggregating photos. And, for those of you who have that annoying friend who always steals everyone’s photos (we all have one – if you don’t believe me, it might be you!), you can pre-empt their photo-stealing spree (and avoid having to watermark your images) by simply inviting them to a collaborative Shared Photo Album. So peaceful.

This feature is currently only going to be available to individual users, but I’m hopeful it will one day roll out to brand users. As the focus turns to user-generated content online, this would be a great way to encourage, aggregate and reward members of our online communities.

Facebook Shared Photo Albums will start to roll out today to English users.

How will you use Facebook Shared Photo Albums?

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    stephaniefusco I liked your article. Well done!

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      MacBerry Thanks! I think it’s great for events + nights out and also just for collaboration.

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        stephaniefusco 4 anyone I would say be careful because things can end up where U might not want to have them #CareersRuined? #FB & lol #NSA

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          MacBerry It’s limited to people you know – I’m not too concerned about the privacy aspect. If anything, you’re better off.

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          MacBerry At least you can see all the photos in an album vs. only the ones you are tagged in;)

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    Ahhh this is freakin brilliant!

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    stephaniefusco Facebook shared albums will come in handy during events giving orgs the ability to further promote attendee engagement