Facebook moves closer to micro-blogging with emotion/action update

Today, Facebook rolled out a new feature that allows users to share how they’re feeling or what they’re doing. This change, coupled with the roll-out of Facebook’s realtime newsfeed further positions the social platform as a competitor to Twitter for micro-blogging life updates and feelings.

Facebook - what you're feeling how you're doing

Once users select this emoticon-esque icon, they’re invited to share a multitude of actions/feelings with their Facebook friends:

Facebook - what are you doing

Facebook - what are you watching

By opening the door to sharing specifics on what users are eating, watching, reading and listening to, Facebook allows users to share the minutia of their day in a new way. With an emotion or action attached to each update, users are able to share more than ever before. For brands, this opens the door to further integration in the Facebook user experience.

Facebook’s been teasing at this kind of update for awhile now, previously announcing that actions would become a larger part of the Facebook experience. The specific shows, music and books chosen make me question if there are already partnerships in place (likely) and, if so, how this will impact the ad-buying experience and potential on the platform.

So, how am I feeling today? The same way being excited about a new Facebook update always makes me feel –  special.

Facebook - new status update emoticons