The Enabler Report: February 2020 Favourites

The shortest month, the longest month. I’ve been working through a lot on the personal front, so in February I continued my focus on self-care. I created a new bedtime routine for myself (why should Izzy have all the fun?!), continued to prioritize daily activity and began the enviable task of (finally) exiting my maternity sleepwear & lingerie. I’m scrolling less, journalling more and rediscovering hobbies that used to really inspire and relax me.

This month’s must-haves reflect this journey, but they’re also just plain wonderful picks no matter what. If you’re looking for baby goodies + a fabulous Toronto-based class, I’ve added those in at the end, too.

What I Loved in February 2020

  • Why did it take me so long to buy an Apple Watch? I splurged on an Apple Watch 5 Series at the beginning of the month and our love affair is still going strong. I was looking for a way to slow down my scrolling habits and track (and motivate!) my activity – my new Apple Watch has more than delivered. It’s the perfect gadget for moms, too: you can triage messages as they come in, keep that enticing iPhone away from baby and even get wake window reminders if you use an app like Huckleberry.
  • My new complexion go-to for fresh, dewy skin is Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation. This light foundation is packed with nourishing ingredients and gives skin a healthy-looking glow. It works especially well over moisturized skin and I really love it paired with a cream blush. It’s perfect for days when you want a little bit of a skin boost without a full-coverage face.
  • If you haven’t purchased a skin care headband yet, what are you waiting for? The Quo Beauty Headband in leopard is super adorable and keeps hair off your face and product out of your hair.
  • Finally, I want to give a shout-out to Broad Lingerie, my favourite lingerie shop. I’ve been visiting for a couple of years now and I’m always superbly impressed by the beautiful items carried and the phenomenal and inclusive customer service.

    I’ve never regretted a bra purchased there, which is saying a lot. When you’re up there in sizing, you often end up leaving bra shops with things that are not quite right but feel “good enough”. That’s absolutely not the case when you visit Broad. I recently visited for a post-baby bra shop after having a lacklustre experience elsewhere and left with two stunning, uplifting and perfectly-fitted bra and panty sets. If you visit, make sure to give the Ewa Michalak bras a try (they’re my favourite).

My Bedtime Routine

These three must-haves help me wind down, get asleep & stay asleep. What more could you ask for?

  • Every mom should get the Q&A A Day For Moms: 5-Year Journal. We spend so much time documenting for our littles, but it’s so rare to find a product that lets you document your experience as a mom. This one-line-a-day journal is packed with cute, insightful and interesting daily prompts that take only a few minutes to fill out. Plus, you can start at any date! I just bought a few for my mom friends for Valentine’s Day, but have been writing in mine since January.
  • I’m so glad I rediscovered Lush Sleepy Lotion. This calming blend soothes my skin like nothing else and is a joy to apply. I use it from the shoulders down before I put on my pajamas and the scent lingers in a wonderful way until the next morning. I’ve even found that it has improved the appearance of my pregnancy stretch marks (any consistent moisturizing + time will do that).
  • I received this Slip Silk Sleep Mask from my brother & sister-in-law at Christmas and while I was skeptical at first, it’s quickly become a favourite. It’s gentle on skin, stays on all night and blocks out any light in the room.

February Baby Faves

My favourite thing to do every week with Isabelle is attend her Little Rebels Music & Development Class. We’ve been attending since January and we both look forward to it so much. Each class is held in a private home with babies around the same age and is a high-energy, age-appropriate, fun experience for parent and baby. Our teacher is Chelsea and she’s so incredibly engaged with the babies and has done such a wonderful job connecting with each of them. We love our sessions so much that I just signed her up for another round!

  • The songs are not your typical baby class tunes – Little Rebels has changed up the lyrics to some favourite show tunes (which I really appreciate!)
  • Classes include activities like mirror/tummy time + encouraging developmentally-appropriate movement.
  • Since classes are close to home, I’ve made new mom friends in our neighbourhood + Izzy has new buds to have playdates with! The only thing I wish is that classes had built-in chatting time for the parents – we’re really only able to connect with one another while we’re packing up the babies.

  • Chilly outdoor walks are NBD thanks to our new Bugaboo High-Performance Footmuff. Isabelle absolutely loves getting out at least once per day so I try to include an outdoor walk as often as possible. This cozy sleeping bag-type cover keeps her cozy and warm and will last for the lifetime of the stroller. Plus…I bought it in pink. Which is just the most cheerful thing on my all-black stroller.
  • Hipsterkid Sunglasses might be the coolest baby item I’ve purchased. They protect from UVA/UVB rays and stay on Isabelle very easily thanks to the stretchy strap. I love the classic Ray Ban-style frames and how she looks in them – it’s always a good laugh! Plus, now we can cruise in style without having to pull down the sun shade when we’re out for a walk.
  • I picked up Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris for the high-fashion illustrations (and the adorable mouse), but we keep grabbing it at bedtime for the adorable tale. I love a good rhyming book for Isabelle, especially when coupled with a sweet message of friendship & chasing your dreams.